Giving Update: St. Michael Mukongolo Primary School

July, 2021

A year ago, your generous donation helped St. Michael Mukongolo Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Khakai Kaudesia. Thank you!

Giving Update: St. Michael Mukongolo Primary School

Khakai Kaudesia, a teacher, shared what life was like before the new rainwater tank was complete, “As a school, we faced challenges concerning access to clean, safe water. Our pupils would carry water from home daily, which made them come to school late when they should have attended morning lessons. The hygiene standards were poor, with no cleaning on a daily basis. There was no food for pupils and absenteeism hence slow syllabus coverage.”

Now that the school has enjoyed having the rainwater tank for the past year, he commented, “We can now access clean water on time. There is no more carrying water from home and minimal absenteeism. We do finish our syllabus coverage on time, and this has resulted in a good performance. The school is progressing well in development activities.”

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