As we work to provide water, we're committed to helping people like you meet your global neighbors and to realize that we all share the same basic needs. We hope to break down stereotypes and the false distinctions between the so-called winners and losers, rich and poor, the needy and charitable, by introducing you to the people we serve with the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve.

These are stories of hope, told in the words of those who carry out this work every day - our friends in the field.

See the Impact of Clean Water - St. Peter's Khaunga Secondary School

St. Peter's Khaunga Secondary School

Before gaining access to clean water, it was very frustrating. I had to bring 10 litres of water to school every morning from my home, far away. I used to arrive at school very tired. Now, with the rain tank, getting water is no longer a challenge. Getting to school became easier since I no longer carry water from home, and I arrive very fresh in ...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Friends Kuvasali Secondary School

Friends Kuvasali Secondary School

We used to walk long distances to fetch water. The water was visibly dirty, but we had no choice but to use it. Now, fetching water is really fast, and the water is clean and safe for drinking. Cases of water-borne diseases like typhoid have been eradicated. We have more time to study, which has improved our grades in class since the water point ...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Mutiva Primary School

Mutiva Primary School

Before the rain tank, we used to go down to the stream to fetch water before school in the morning. This was time lost that was meant for studying. With the rain tank, life has changed. We no longer have to go to the stream and instead use that time for our studies. Now, I normally use my morning hours to read my storybooks. By doing so, it has h...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Kapsaoi Primary School

Kapsaoi Primary School

To get water before it was so hard and dangerous. Crossing the road at the corner with motorbikes passing endangered our lives, especially when teachers were busy or in a meeting and couldn't help. We no longer have to fetch water, and we are safe. We have clean and safe drinking water, unlike before when we drank dirty water and got sick. Now, I...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Makale Primary School

Makale Primary School

I used to get water from the hand-dug well, and that was so hectic. I would crowd around the well with others, which was a hazard. When the well would dry up during the dry season, I had to get water from outside the school compound. Getting water from the new tank is so much easier. All I have to do is place a bucket at the tap, turn it on and ca...