As we work to provide water, we're committed to helping people like you meet your global neighbors and to realize that we all share the same basic needs. We hope to break down stereotypes and the false distinctions between the so-called winners and losers, rich and poor, the needy and charitable, by introducing you to the people we serve with the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve.

These are stories of hope, told in the words of those who carry out this work every day - our friends in the field.

See the Impact of Clean Water - Sichinji Community, Makhatse Spring

Sichinji Community, Makhatse Spring

"Before the spring was protected, I could not go to fetch water on my own because I was afraid I might encounter snakes since the area was bushy." "Now, I am able to fetch water on my own and anytime during the day as the bushes were cleared." "I am clean as I can easily fetch water for bathing and washing my clothes. I also have clean dr...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Malava Community, Ndevera Spring

Malava Community, Ndevera Spring

"I used to be scared of going to the spring before it was protected because it was open and difficult for us to get water. Sometimes, children could fall in the water while trying to get water. The water was visibly dirty with algae all over." "Nowadays, I go to the spring alone without any fears of drowning since, before protection, the water sou...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Mukoko Community, Mshimuli Spring

Mukoko Community, Mshimuli Spring

"Before this project was completed, it was hard for children to get water from the unprotected spring since we had a risk of falling into the water. This is because the place was open." "Another challenge was that after taking dirty water home, sometimes our parents would feel annoyed and send you back to try and get clean water. Most children fea...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Musango Community, Emufutu Spring

Musango Community, Emufutu Spring

"Before the project was implemented, it was very hard and tiresome to get water from this water point. The place was so slippery, especially during the rainy seasons. In addition, the sugarcane plantation was everywhere, hence making it so hard to fetch water." "But, ever since the project implementation, that does not happen. The sugarcane farm o...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Emulakha Community, Nalianya Spring

Emulakha Community, Nalianya Spring

"Before, the spring was open and we would fetch dirty water, which was bad for human consumption." "Now, the water is clean and reliable. I take very few minutes to fetch water at the spring. There is no queue at the protected spring." "The spring water has helped us to grow vegetables during the dry seasons, which we nor...