As we work to provide water, we're committed to helping people like you meet your global neighbors and to realize that we all share the same basic needs. We hope to break down stereotypes and the false distinctions between the so-called winners and losers, rich and poor, the needy and charitable, by introducing you to the people we serve with the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve.

These are stories of hope, told in the words of those who carry out this work every day - our friends in the field.

See the Impact of Clean Water - Modia Community, 63 Spur Road

Modia Community, 63 Spur Road

What the people living near 63 Spur Road in Modia Community, Sierra Leone have enjoyed for the past year is the use of 2 pumps inside 1 water point. Because this well is so heavily used, we decided to try something different. Instead of drilling 1 borehole down inside of the hand-dug well, we drilled 2 boreholes down inside of this well and instal...

See the Impact of Clean Water - United Brethren Academy Secondary School

United Brethren Academy Secondary School

Life for the students at United Brethren Academy Secondary School in Sierra Leone has improved in the year since their well was rehabilitated. This was evident during a recent visit by our field officers. They spoke with some students and teachers about their experiences since the construction and the accompanying sanitation and hygiene training. ...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Pewullay Primary School

Pewullay Primary School

Things at Pewullay Primary School are better in the year since the rehabilitation of their well. The most significant improvement the students have enjoyed over the year is that they no longer come to school late due to time spent getting water each morning. Now, they have clean and safe drinking water in the school's compound. "We thank God be...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Tintafor Community, Shyllon Street

Tintafor Community, Shyllon Street

"Our suffering for water is currently a thing of the past," said Isha I. Sesay to our field officer during a recent visit to the well at Shyllon Street in Tintafor, Sierra Leone. We spoke to her about the difference the well has made in her life a year since the project was completed. "Kamasondo Stream used to be our alternative water source - a ...

See the Impact of Clean Water - DEC Mathem Primary School

DEC Mathem Primary School

Things at DEC Mathem Primary School have improved significantly in the year since the well project was completed. The water user committee is working tirelessly to see that the well is functioning. "My people and my fellow pupils no longer go to the stream to fetch water. We are very happy in school and the community," 14-year-old student Emma Kor...