As we work to provide water, we're committed to helping people like you meet your global neighbors and to realize that we all share the same basic needs. We hope to break down stereotypes and the false distinctions between the so-called winners and losers, rich and poor, the needy and charitable, by introducing you to the people we serve with the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve.

These are stories of hope, told in the words of those who carry out this work every day - our friends in the field.

See the Impact of Clean Water - Elijah Kwalanda Spring

Elijah Kwalanda Spring

"Before this project was completed, it was hard to get water. The area around the spring was so slippery and surrounded by bush that I feared going to the spring early in the morning and late in the evening," said Elvin. "To get water from this water point is simpler because our spring has a pipe, and it takes less time to fill a jerrican. The adu...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Shivina Spring

Shivina Spring

"It was not easy to collect water, especially during the rainy season as all the waste products collected around the spring. This caused contamination. People were crowding around the water catchment area, which affected the water level and the colour," said James. "Now we have easy access to clean water, do not waste time and are not overcrowding...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Litinyi Spring

Litinyi Spring

"Sometimes after school, my friends and I used to play at the spring and make the water dirty. This was part of our games," said Fernando. "Now the water is clean and safe for human consumption and other domestic uses. I don't have to queue at the spring and it takes less time." "It saves my time for homework. I can also wash my school uniform mo...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Wora Spring

Wora Spring

"The water was not good for our health. In addition, community members used to spend a lot of time waiting for their turn to draw water from the unprotected spring," said Brian. "It is easier now to fetch water from the spring. After coming back from school, there is no queue at the spring which saves me time to study." "The supply of water is re...

See the Impact of Clean Water - Jairus Mwera Spring

Jairus Mwera Spring

"Sometimes after school, you find many people queuing at the spring, so I get home late and still have homework to do. This causes me to sleep in late. This affected my concentration in my studies," said Branice. "Now that I can get clean water quickly, I have time for my homework. I have improved in my class performance." "Since the protection o...