As we work to provide water, we're committed to helping people like you meet your global neighbors and to realize that we all share the same basic needs. We hope to break down stereotypes and the false distinctions between the so-called winners and losers, rich and poor, the needy and charitable, by introducing you to the people we serve with the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve.

These are stories of hope, told in the words of those who carry out this work every day - our friends in the field.

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A Year Later: Kakoyi Corner

We no longer have to wait for long to access the water. We are able to do other activities like farming because we have water available…

A Year Later: Kwa Mutunga Hand-Dug Well

My personal hygiene has improved and waterborne diseases like amoeba and typhoid have decreased since we drink treated water after the training my parents received. I have known how to store our drinking water and treat it before drinking. My school performance has increased because I don’t waste a lot of time going to fetch water.

A Year Later: Kwa Mutunga Sand Dam

We have planted vegetables at our homes which have improved nutrition for our families and they also fetch good income for buying other basic needs like clothes and paying school fees.

A Year Later: Mbindi Hand-Dug Well

I decided to start farming using water from the project, and I managed to grow spinach, kales and tomatoes. These vegetables we used to consume at home with my family and better yet, I could sell.

A Year Later: Mbindi Sand Dam

The project has enabled us to establish a tree nursery with almost 700 trees which we will sell towards the short rains and the income we will use to establish another nursery and cater for other family activities.

A Year Later: Yavili Hand-Dug Well

Now we fetch water nearer to our home, I usually run to the well. It takes me less than ten minutes to get back home, compared to the initial one hour which used to be tiring!

A Year Later: Yavili Sand Dam

But since the project implementation, access to water has become easy, providing clean water from a trusted source and from a short distance.

A Year Later: Deliverance Church

The lives of those using this water project have improved in terms of sanitation – the church is cleaned three times a week unlike before. The church members also get access to safe drinking water unlike before where people used to suffer from water borne diseases.

A Year Later: Katelleh Village

I always go to school on time and even the environment is clean, there are drying racks, cloth line and even our even our rubber that we use to fetched water are being cleaned before fetching water.

A Year Later: Mwangaza Secondary School

The water is very clean, safe for consumption by all people without worry of contracting any water related diseases. The environment is very clean, the students and the school has really worked to see to it that the place is kept very clean, thus providing an ample learning environment.

A Year Later: Itatini Hand-Dug Well

Before this project, we would travel long distances in order to search for water – but since it came we no longer waste time because it is less than half an hour to reach this water point.

A Year Later: Itatini Sand Dam

This has transformed our environment and our children never lack food or even basic needs because we sell the farm products and get money.

A Year Later: Givunji Spring

We have been able to get clean, safe drinking water for our household chores compared to the days when our water was contaminated which was a risk to us.

A Year Later: Peter Indeche spring

This community has embraced the water project and have fully owned it. Their water is still clean and the spring is in good working condition. This is encouraging as it is an assurance that the project will be sustained in order to benefit the current population and future generations.

A Year Later: Walibese Spring

It was still clear that the health and hygiene content delivered during the community engagement training bore visible and lifelong fruits. People were observed washing their containers before collecting water, just to stress a point on proper water handling.

A Year Later: #1 Kamara Taylor Street 

Before this project was constructed I normally go to the stream to fetch water to launder our clothes and bath before going to school so I always go to school late. The teacher would yell at me but we are now happy because these problems have been solved by access to safe water.

A Year Later: Yinkaya Village

As a student, we are the most beneficial students in this community through this water project, as we practice hygiene at home and school.

A Year Later: Mulundu Primary School

As a pupil of this school, since the installation of the project in our school, I have been able to maintain personal hygiene.

A Year Later: Bukhaywa Secondary School

Life has really changed because we have enough water, we are not queuing for a long time so we save time for studying.

A Year Later: Khumeseno Primary School

The available safe, clean water from the tank is being utilized properly by the school. They are careful never to waste even a drop as they know the pain of lack of water like their previous state. The compound is becoming greener each passing day due to daily watering of flowers and young trees planted by the pupils.

A Year Later: Muyundi Community

The new pump has saved a lot of our time. We can fetch safe water on time and go back to carry out our daily responsibilities like farming. Carrying out cleanliness in our houses is made easier since it is easier to fetch water from the borehole without struggling.

A Year Later: Lutinye Community

The situation of the outbreak of waterborne diseases was at a high level in this community before the well was rehabilitated. Since the rehabilitation was done, cases of typhoid and diarrhea have been reduced.

A Year Later: Kapsambo PAG Primary School

The environment is much cleaner compared to how it was before the rainwater tank was installed. We believe the WaSH training helped raise the school to the standards it is in now.

A Year Later: #4 Hope Street

Since the time this water project was completed in my community I have been fetching clean, pure and safe water in this pump. Workers, traders and even school going children go to their department or work places on time.

A Year Later: #28 Kamara Taylor Street

My life has been changed a lot since this project was completed in our community because I have access to safe and clean water every time I want and I also go to school on time.