$11,395 Raised
100% of $10,000
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 335 people will receive water thanks to...
Samuel Tegbe$210.00
Jim Cricchi$57.90
Kathleen Winkler$57.90
Maura White$26.50
Frederick Savage$52.60
Emanuel Francis$52.60
Charles Gilman$111.00
Mary C Savage$57.90
Thomas Winstead$52.60
Katherine Cornwell$52.60
Mojisola Gbaja$21.30
Abiola Ikotun$52.60
Muyiwa and Gbemi Tegbe$210.00
Despina Mathioudakis$104.90
Chris Wasson$104.90
Steve Simms$104.90
Heidi Mort-Green$78.80
David deVilliers$52.60
Jacqueline Condon$21.30
Turner Hoffman$104.90
Rick Berndt$523.00
Ian Barnes$52.60
Melissa Blair$52.60
Pam Himmelrich$57.90
Gina Keelty$26.50
Lilah and James Wiseman$63.10
Linda Sauter$35.90
Megan Tahboub$57.90
Namdev Rao$25.72
Nancy Henry$26.50
Bob and Linda Arnold$52.60
Janeine and Bob Green$26.50
Marlene and Markus Kornberg$75.60
Arro Evano$104.90
Cynthia Modlin$52.60
Nancy and Joseph Nkansah-Mahaney$52.60
Carolann Norman$26.50
Peter and Vicki Smith$57.90
Anne Coady$52.60
Jowita Walkup$26.50
John Walkup$26.50
Jacquelyn Gawronski$126.00
Katharine Hudson$104.90
Matthew Parker$57.90
Kate and Matt Norman$314.00
Telfair Carroll$26.50
Sarah Charles$57.90
Michael Hughes$26.50
Peter Winstead$63.10
Lawrence Wertheimer$63.10
Betsey Winstead$57.90
Sara Slane$104.90
Calvin Evans$26.50
Brenda Appelbaum$52.60
Noreen Javornik$26.50
Rebecca Lazarcheff$57.90
Evan Fein$50.00
Kirsten Sandberg$126.00
Adam Sandy$104.90
Hathaway Ferebee$57.90
Sally Thompson$57.90
Guy Barron$104.90
Jim Coady$52.60
Ashley McLain$104.90
Elizabeth Spenko$104.90
Tien Le$57.90
Carmel Charles$104.90
Megan Ross$21.30
Henry Ramirez$52.60
Nick Travelstead$158.00
Billy Delorbe$104.90
Peggy Bessent$57.90
Skip and Annette Civera$52.60
Stefanie and Dave Foote$52.60
Rob Jensen$104.90
Lexie & Tyler Mills$57.90
John and Susan Walkup$57.90
Brooke Buppert$126.00
Toni Paterakis$26.50
Getschel Family$26.50
Maggie Arnold$126.00
Braydon & Charleigh Crosson$57.90
terry delorbe$57.90
Rachel Wise$104.90
Richard Charles$26.50
Richelle Charles$104.90
The Brennan Family$126.00
Jill Parks$104.90
Chris Dougherty$52.60
Stephanie Mathioudakis$104.90
Kitsa Padousis$104.90
Yahya Aliabadi$36.90
Noelle Savage$100.00
The Savage Family$104.90
Laura Tharpe$126.00
Taconna Mhoon$52.60
Tom and Jackie Axtell$26.50
Rebeccah Kornberg$52.60
Gagan Garg$50.00
Patrick Coady$57.90
Claudine Biddison$57.90
Tineka Becker$42.20
Anne Robotham$126.00
Raquel Greer$104.90
Nora Detterline$126.00
Shadi Yousefi & Amir Najafi$104.90
Lael Grigg$158.00
Kelly and Fabian Murillo$104.90
Lori & Ned Bourne$57.90
Emma Burkhart$38.00
Curt and Linda Wilson$104.90
Eleni and Andreas Barth$104.90
Dylan McCann$57.90
Laura Padousis$57.90
Barbara Tobin$57.90
Penny Padousis$126.00
Stephanie Detterline$52.60
Julie King$126.00
Jason Goldstein$104.90
Sebastian Celaya$314.00
Robin Appel$100.00
Jocelyn and Tim Gelineau$158.00
Kim Daly$35.90
Michael Pokorny$52.60

I hope you'll consider joining us to fund a water project. With your gifts and your help rallying support, we can provide clean, safe and reliable water to a community in Africa.

Today, too many children suffer needlessly - walking miles for dirty water that makes them sick. You and I can change that. Please make a donation and then help me spread the word.

Kathleen Winkler
Donated $57.90 on 12/11/22
Connor, you have written a compelling letter.
Joseph Macleod
Donated $52.60 on 12/09/22
Wendy & Joe for ARRO
Frederick Savage
Donated $52.60 on 12/07/22
This gift is in honor of Gloria Savage.
Charles Gilman
Donated $111.00 on 12/06/22
Go Will!!! Nice work, great email.
Mary C Savage
Donated $57.90 on 12/06/22
Thank you for the opportunity to support this important work!
Katherine Cornwell
Donated $52.60 on 12/06/22
So glad to donate to this amazing cause.
Muyiwa And Gbemi Tegbe
Donated $210.00 on 12/06/22
Great job Calvert 5th Grade
Chris Wasson
Donated $104.90 on 12/06/22
Way to go Will!
Steve Simms
Donated $104.90 on 12/06/22
Congratulations Will and Calvert Class - Great work, keep it up!
Heidi Mort-green
Donated $78.80 on 12/05/22
Great work Class of '26!
David Devilliers
Donated $52.60 on 12/05/22
Great job Calvert 5th Graders
Melissa Blair
Donated $52.60 on 12/05/22
Great project Arro!
Megan Tahboub
Donated $57.90 on 12/04/22
Go Drew and the Calvert 5th grade!
Namdev Rao
Donated $25.72 on 12/04/22
A small contribution
Nancy Henry
Donated $26.50 on 12/03/22
Hope you receive many responses to this worthy cause.
Janeine And Bob Green
Donated $26.50 on 12/03/22
Supporting others for safe and reliable water sources is vital to our world!
Marlene And Markus Kornberg
Donated $75.60 on 12/02/22
Excellent humanitarian project for Ellie and the 5th grade class.
Nancy And Joseph Nkansah-mahaney
Donated $52.60 on 12/02/22
Strong work Mya and 5th grade class. So important and meaningful!
Carolann Norman
Donated $26.50 on 12/02/22
Carol & Rick Norman
Donated $63.10 on 12/02/22
Michael Hughes
Donated $26.50 on 12/02/22
Thank you, Arro, for your good works!
Lawrence Wertheimer
Donated $63.10 on 12/01/22
Great job, Tuck! Love, Nanny and Poppy
Betsey Winstead
Donated $57.90 on 12/01/22
Go Tuck & the whole 5th Grade! Way to support a great cause!
Brenda Appelbaum
Donated $52.60 on 12/01/22
Great job Molly! Love, Paga and Grandma
Evan Fein
Donated $50.00 on 12/01/22
Good job Natassia
Adam Sandy
Donated $104.90 on 12/01/22
Great Job Anya, Love Mom & Dad
Guy Barron
Donated $104.90 on 12/01/22
Good Job Natassia! Love, Mom & Dad!
Elizabeth Spenko
Donated $104.90 on 12/01/22
Great cause Rhett!
Megan Ross
Donated $21.30 on 12/01/22
Go Rhett!
Peggy Bessent
Donated $57.90 on 12/01/22
Such a great effort!
Lexie & Tyler Mills
Donated $57.90 on 12/01/22
Great work Isabelle/Calvert 5th grade!
Getschel Family
Donated $26.50 on 12/01/22
Way to go Sydney and 5th grade!
Braydon & Charleigh Crosson
Donated $57.90 on 12/01/22
Will this is amazing! Were so happy to be able to help. Love, Braydon & Charleigh
Terry Delorbe
Donated $57.90 on 12/01/22
This is how to make real change in the world! Will, you are helping others.
Rachel Wise
Donated $104.90 on 12/01/22
Great job Will!! Youre doing such a wonderful thing and helping so many people!! I love and miss you :)
Jill Parks
Donated $104.90 on 11/30/22
This is such an important project. I am so proud of all the participants. Thank you, Natassia, for making me aware.
Chris Dougherty
Donated $52.60 on 11/30/22
Natassia, What a wonderful cause this is! Do great things! Love, Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Jim
Yahya Aliabadi
Donated $36.90 on 11/30/22
Great work Noora!
The Savage Family
Donated $104.90 on 11/30/22
Great job 5th graders!
Gagan Garg
Donated $50.00 on 11/30/22
Dear Yash and 5th graders, Keep up the great work, so proud of all of you. Best wishes, Shweta and Gagan
Tineka Becker
Donated $42.20 on 11/30/22
Happy Holidays Alice! I think it's so wonderful that you and your classmates are participating in helping to make the world a better and safer place for all. xo
Nora Detterline
Donated $126.00 on 11/30/22
It is great to have young people working to make our world a better place for everyone!!
Donated $158.00 on 11/30/22
Great job!!
Julie King
Donated $126.00 on 11/30/22
Great work, 5th Grade!
Jason Goldstein
Donated $104.90 on 11/30/22
Thanks for supporting this important cause Alice
Donated $104.90 on 11/30/22
Great work 5th Grade Class!
Jocelyn And Tim Gelineau
Donated $158.00 on 11/30/22
Happy to support such a worthy cause, Jameson! You wrote a very convincing request!
Kim Daly
Donated $35.90 on 11/30/22
Great persuasive writing!!

The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

Read More About The Work

How this works

Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!