Help Fund a Water Project

Together, we can unlock potential in a developing community by providing clean, safe water.

Instead of getting presents or money for my birthday (April 12th) this year, I ask that you please donate to the Water Project. This is a wonderful organization that helps provide clean, safe water to people around the world. 

We in the U.S. are very lucky and blessed to be able to turn on our faucets and have clean running water at our disposal. We use so much water doing our dishes, taking showers, using the toilet, watering our lawns, and the list goes on and on. Can you imagine not having this luxury? Yes, I called it a luxury because there are billions of people suffering without clean water. My heart aches so much for these people. Even though I wish I could go out and personally help every suffering individual, I am unable to. Fortunately, all of you can help by donating to the Water Project so they can continue to work each day to ensure safe, clean water is accessible to everyone! Help me make my birthday meaningful and help change people's lives. With all of my love and peace, Amanda McDowell

Who's Helping?

Will You Join Us in Giving Clean, Safe Water?
04/14/14Heather Dela Cruz$10.00Happy birthday Amanda! I know we haven't talked in a long time but I think its great what you're doing!
04/13/14Rick Marquez$115.00Happy BelatedBirthday Mandy! How wonderful it is to have a loving niece like you, who cares for others!! As you have learned in life, every little bit helps! We are so Proud of you..Love, Niño
04/12/14Sandra Delgado$30.00Happiest of Birthdays! I love you!!
04/12/14Ashley Sarver$20.00In honor of our cousin Amanda on her birthday. Love
04/12/14Daniel Goodman$24.00Hey McD Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and a great next year of life.
04/12/14Rod, Nancy And Rhianna Marquez$25.00Happy Birthday!! Love, Uncle, Nancy and Rhianna!!! Have a wonderful Birthday!!!
04/12/14Mike Sarah Nate & Matt YouKnow$13.00Happy Birthday Manda Panda
04/12/14Lisa Nathan$50.00Happy Birthday!
04/12/14Emily McDowell$30.00Happy Birthday Sister! Hope you have a great day! Love, Emily
04/12/14Rebecca Roberts$50.00I am happy you reached your infinity and beyong!!
04/12/14Jake & Lily$10.00Happy Birthday Nena Manda hope you have. Happy day! Love Jakey. "Dadada waaa mama yeah yeah yeah yeah" love Lily
04/12/14Brandi & Román$24.00Happy Birthday cousin! Welcome to 24 ! We love you Love Brani and Romn
04/12/14Daniel & Ashley Roberts/Reyes $23.00Happy birthday Amanda!!! Love you lots!!
04/12/14Frank Morales$98.00Here you go Amanda from Imagine, Krista, and myself. This should get you to your goal then on to bigger dreams. Love you
04/11/14Russell Marquez$100.00Happy Birthday Amanda! So proud of you for thinking of others in an unselfish way. Hope this little bit helps you meet your goal. Love, Uncle Russell
04/10/14Mark And Roberta Pearce$300.00Happy Birthday Sweetie! Thank you for being so passionate about helping others in need! Love you, Mom and Daddy Mark
03/22/14Vanessa Barrios$2.00Your awesome!

Why It Matters

Access to clean, safe water unlocks potential

Did you know nearly 1 billion people don't have safe water to drink?

Together, we can change that. Let's fund a new source of drinking water for those who suffer needlessly without it!

Our gifts will be used to construct or rehabilitate a water project, like a well or sand dam, in Africa. We'll see pictures, GPS coordinates, and updates as they come in from the actual water project we fund so we can celebrate the results along with the community we help.

About The Water Project

The Water Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world who suffer needlessly without.

Working with local partners in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Uganda, we build long lasting water projects that are organized, owned and managed by the communities receiving them.

Together, with our partners we identify, implement, report on and follow up on every project. Then we share the whole story with you to inspire confidence in the work being done and the impact it has.