$58,979 Raised
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 1735 people will receive water thanks to...
AEO Inc$1820.00
NewTimes Group America$1000.00
AEO Inc.$26.50
IDEAL Fastener$500.00
Yvonne Wai$1046.00
Pt Eratex Djaja Tbk Sunny$949.09
Hahae Corporation$314.00
Hirdaramani Group$2500.00
Hirdaramani Group$2500.00
Sunco Trading Co. Hong Kong$975.00
Tuong Long Co., Ltd - Tuong Dieu Chi$523.00
ITL Inc.$1046.00
Erin Forsythe$26.50
The LYCRA Company$262.00
C site Sales T aeo team$159.23
Noella Gomes$1046.00
sarah balogh$26.50
Saad Danish$126.00
Chutex Holdings$628.00
Lathda Douangchanh$52.60
Apparel Trims Co Hong Kong$1000.00
Elite Style (HK) Limited$2000.00
Crown Wears Ltd Bangladesh Inc$1000.00
Trinity Clothing Limited Hong Kong$500.00
Creative Orient Limited Hong Kong$185.00
Nien Hsing Textile Max$1046.00
Kaitlin Napolitano$104.90
World Easy Group (Alex)$3137.00
TCE DENIM$500.00
DU LIPING$1046.00
Tony Wang$211.27
Kat Hanratty$314.00
Michael Morrell$104.90
Jennifer Hill$21.30
Frederique Ennis$104.90
Ashley -SUY KIM$314.00
Winning Resources Limited$398.82
Daniela Calderon$21.30
Hannice Hannice$300.00
Aparna Chandramohan$104.90
David Vlaservich$104.90
Salomon Murciano$2614.00
Classic Fashion Apparel Industry$5000.00
Minh Huynh$158.00
Rose Rogan$26.50
The Alpine Group$2091.00
Lindsey Morse$22.16
Emily Rabkin$26.50
nelson hassinger$10.80
Iris Boivin$52.60
Dahlia Shtayyeh$210.00
Xiong Jiangtao$210.00
CATHY Lam$266.53
F K yiu$200.06
Seshin Apparel$523.00
guohao ye$147.60
Dennis Sung$314.00
Ben Krautheim$26.50
Andrew Ko$133.18
Jerry Hammer$1046.00
Kalie Zimmerman$26.50
Anna Hughes$104.90
Annalise Frank$26.50
Allen Lee$1000.00
Ada Li$377.91
Ty Bhojwani$523.00
Bryan Cheng$515.43
Young Brand Apparel Pvt Ltd$1569.00
Cherry Group Lydia Zhang$1046.00
Jennifer L Tse$523.00
Leonard Lau$104.90
r-pac International Corp$1046.00
Rhonda Aghassi$104.90
Marty Tacher$314.00
vikaskumar dugar$1046.00
Li & Fung$661.72
SML Group$1046.00
TE KAI CHIU$523.00
cynthia Rusiecki$300.00
Nexgen Packaging$1046.00
Mark Rose$104.90

We at Amercian Eagle are happy to share that we are fundraising for another Water Project this Holiday season!

Since we started our annual campaign to bring water to those in need, we have funded a total of 17 separate projects. With the funds we raise, we sponsor well-drilling and rainwater catchment systems that provide clean drinking water to needy communities which greatly improves the lives of many women and children. In 2020 we funded 2 projects at Primary schools, Ibokola and Jinjini, in Western Kenya, serving the needs of over 1361 students and school staff. You can see a picture from the Ibokola project here on our page. With this year's campaign, we plan on supporting water projects in Pakistan.

In lieu of gift baskets and considering the hybrid working environment this year, we hope you would prefer to join us to successfully fund more water projects for 2022. A modest donation of any size is appreciated.

Happy Holidays and thank you for supporting our 2022 Water Project




Donated $191.95 on 01/04/23
Blue Diamond is honor to be part of the contribution in this Meaningful Water Project.
Liusheng Huang
Donated $594.57 on 12/27/22
We Accessories-Charles Huang
Ideal Fastener
Donated $500.00 on 12/26/22
We are happy to support such a great cause.
Yvonne Wai
Donated $1046.00 on 12/24/22
Winnitex gladly supports such a wonderful cause. Wishing AEO family and friends happy holidays!
Hahae Corporation
Donated $314.00 on 12/23/22
This is great project. Very happy to be little help throuhg this project.
Tuong Long Co., Ltd - Tuong Dieu Chi
Donated $523.00 on 12/21/22
Warmest Wishes to everyone! Happy Holidays!
Ppj Wiser Kim Ngan
Donated $314.00 on 12/20/22
PPJ Wiser is honor to be part of the contribution
C Site Sales T Aeo Team
Donated $159.23 on 12/19/22
C site Sales T.
Noella Gomes
Donated $1046.00 on 12/16/22
Warmest Wishes to All, for the Holidays !!
Saad Danish
Donated $126.00 on 12/15/22
Great initiative!
Nien Hsing Textile Max
Donated $1046.00 on 12/14/22
It's our pleasure to join this project. -- NH
World Easy Group (alex)
Donated $3137.00 on 12/12/22
It's our pleasure to have this opportunity to join this project , thanks all !
Du Liping
Donated $1046.00 on 12/12/22
HUALIDA Thai Binh Garment Company Limited
Tony Wang
Donated $211.27 on 12/11/22
Dezhou Yuanji
Jennifer Hill
Donated $21.30 on 12/09/22
Happy to support this work!
Ashley -suy Kim
Donated $314.00 on 12/09/22
SUY (American Eagle 2022 Water Project)
Winning Resources Limited
Donated $398.82 on 12/09/22
Gift for you, for a better world.
David Vlaservich
Donated $104.90 on 12/07/22
So happy to support something that is so precious to everyone!!!
Jiangsu Guotai Huasheng Industrial Co., Jiangsu Guotai Huasheng Industrial Co.,
Donated $1046.00 on 12/06/22
Emily Rabkin
Donated $26.50 on 12/06/22
Happy to help support this cause!
Iris Boivin
Donated $52.60 on 12/06/22
Happy to help support this cause! Love that this year this is tagged for a part of the world where we do business!
Dahlia Shtayyeh
Donated $210.00 on 12/06/22
Love this initiative, thank you for organizing it Sindi!
Donated $523.00 on 12/06/22
dreams come true
Cathy Lam
Donated $266.53 on 12/06/22
From Lai Tak Enterprise Limited
Top-form Co., Ltd. Top-form Co., Ltd.
Donated $2091.00 on 12/05/22
We are happy to support Water Project
Guohao Ye
Donated $147.60 on 12/03/22
Support the annual Water Project,and wish furture better~
Jerry Hammer
Donated $1046.00 on 12/02/22
Good luck!! Jerry Combined Interest Inc
Ada Li
Donated $377.91 on 12/01/22
Happy to support AEO 2022 Water Project
Ty Bhojwani
Donated $523.00 on 12/01/22
What a wonderful initiative AE!!!
Bryan Cheng
Donated $515.43 on 11/30/22
Well done, American Eagle Outfitters Team. Warm wishes from The MANCHU TIMES FASHION Family
Young Brand Apparel Pvt Ltd
Donated $1569.00 on 11/30/22
Happy to be part of this supporting project.
Jennifer L Tse
Donated $523.00 on 11/29/22
Happy to support AEO meaningful Water Project 2022
Taewon Kang
Donated $77.46 on 11/28/22
Wonderful project ! So happy to support the 2022 water project!
Rhonda Aghassi
Donated $104.90 on 11/28/22
Happy to support the AEO Water Project!
Marty Tacher
Donated $314.00 on 11/27/22
Marty Tacher
Vikaskumar Dugar
Donated $1046.00 on 11/25/22
Really exicted to support project
Li & Fung
Donated $661.72 on 11/24/22
Excited to support American Eagle 2022 Water Project
Sml Group
Donated $1046.00 on 11/23/22
Wonderful Fundraiser. Excited to support this years Water Project!
Te Kai Chiu
Donated $523.00 on 11/23/22
New World
Donated $5.86 on 11/23/22
Mirza Yusaf Baig
Cynthia Rusiecki
Donated $300.00 on 11/22/22
So excited to support another great Water Project campaign!

The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

Read More About The Work

How this works

Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!