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Together, we can unlock potential in a developing community by providing clean, safe water.
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On Friday, July 29, Liam and his daddy were sitting on Liam's hospital bed together, talking about how to love people. Liam said, "What about people with no food and water?" Liam's daddy, aunt, and grandmother encouraged him that he could love them by giving them food and water.


After Liam's mom and her friend researched some ideas and gave Liam some choices, he decided he wanted to do two things...give his own money today (August 1) for the famine in Africa, and then ask his friends and family to help him give money to build wells in Africa.


Liam is having lots of great ideas and this is one of the best. We told him we really thought everyone would want to help. He said that he hopes his (young) friends will give too. I'm sure many of them are also becoming aware of other people in the world and desire to help as well.


We are really proud that Liam wants to do this. Our insurance has paid out over half a million dollars for Liam this year, even before his relapse with cancer. And many of you have generously given to us and that has allowed us to live comfortably and eat well while living near the hospital for many months. There are so many people whose lives could be saved from the simple gift of clean water. This kind of project is amazingly meaningful to me, and Liam is the one who wanted to make it happen.


Liam wants to build 2 wells and so we've set the goal for $13,500. Each well will serve about 500 people for 10 years. After the money is raised, we will be assigned projects that will probably be built in 8-12 months or sooner. To help build these wells and receive updates and pictures of the actual wells and the people they serve, click "donate now" above and choose "Personal Fundraising Page." You can then donate any amount by credit card, paypal, or by mailing a check.


-Liam's mom


P.S. Liam likes the short video below.


Update 8/8/2011: We keep up with this page every day. Liam's eyes light up when we tell him about new donations and the people who made them. When Liam's daddy told Liam today that half the money was raised, I heard Liam say he hoped they would go ahead and start building the first well while we were raising the rest of the money.


Update 8/13/2011: The goal has been reached! When asked how that makes him feel, Liam said, "Awesome!" Now we will wait until we have been assigned a project and then we can tell you what country the wells will be in. We do not know the exact cost of the two wells until the assignment is given. Our goal of $13,500 reflected an average cost, given by the The Water Project. Any extra money donated on this page after this will still make us excited and be used for Liam's Wells. Thank you everyone! Liam is currently at home after some recent chemotherapy, but he will be returning to the hospital for more treatment soon. It is just so great to have the wells to be excited about.


Update 8/16/2011: Liam loves the continuing donations above his original goal. I was answering a nurse's questions yesterday about the two wells, and Liam corrected me that it was going to be three.


Update 9/3/2011: Over $16,000 today! Thank you so much to everyone who gave to these wells. This fundraiser will close on Monday, September 5. All money donated over the original goal of two wells will be combined with The Water Project's other funds to build a third well. Liam is now being treated for the next few months at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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Total Raised: $16,744.73

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Who's Helping?

Will You Join Us in Giving Clean, Safe Water?
12/30/11Jon Camp$200.00With love
12/23/11Haley Sutherland$50.00Merry Christmas! Thanks, Liam, for your example! Prayers for you and your family.
09/21/11Sherri Luttrell (Mary's preschool)$170.00
09/06/11Mike & Cindy Stewart$50.00We are so proud of you!
09/05/11Lisa Mayes$25.00so proud of you. Liam!
09/05/11Ed and Joan Lowe$100.00
09/05/11Jonathan and Cindy Stewart$25.00we are so proud of you Liam!
09/03/11JoAnn Young$100.00This is for our daughter, Elizabeth's, 11th Birthday. She asked her friends and family to donate to Liam's project instead of bringing birthday presents. :) We hope you get well soon, Lia
09/03/11suzanne kent$100.00
09/03/11Charlotte Felix$60.06from friends at Hope Church of Christ
09/01/11Emily Fuller$50.00Liam, I'm so proud of you for reaching your goal. You have a precious heart. The whole family in Austin is praying for your recovery. I'm excited to see the next water project!
09/01/11Richard Blaisdell$50.00Liam, You're in our prayers! Thank you for tghinking of others! You've got a big heart! love in Christ, Richard and Teresa Blaisdell (Colby's parents)
08/31/11Elizabeth Hofman$50.00I'm a friend of a friend...and praying for all of you.
08/30/11Amy Simpson$20.00Because Liam loves so well.
08/28/11Mona Clifton$100.00How awesome for Liam to do this! What a blessing you are! We will be praying for you & your family & your doctors. We read about your story in the Abilene paper. Miss Megan is our
08/27/11jack & Karen rich$100.00with loving prayers!
08/27/11Summer Walters$100.00We are so proud of you, Liam! Thank you for allowing us to help build another well!
08/25/11Brenda Chrane$25.00
08/23/11Sara Whitelaw$50.00We love you Liam and what you're doing with these wells! Love, Kevin, Sara, Jenna, and Kellen Whitelaw
08/22/11Avery Gray$25.00Avery says, "Liam, GET BETTER!" ;)
08/22/11Mary Duenzl$100.00
08/22/11Frances Ammons$50.00Way to go Liam.
08/21/11Amy Bayles$100.00I'll be thinking about you guys as you travel. I am so happy to see you have already raised do much money for a great cause!
08/20/11Venessa Grizzle$15.00Great job Liam. You are an inspiration to us all!
08/19/11Dell Sipkowski$100.00
08/17/11Colleen Crawford$100.00Liam, you are such an inspiration! We love your grandparents and we love you and your family. Sending happy thoughts and lots of prayers to you! Dale and Colleen Crawford
08/17/11Elijah Tolar$5.00Hey, Liam, I'm glad I can help you get the water for the wells. Love, Elijah
08/16/11Laura Rutledge$100.00Liam, this is such a GREAT project. We are so happy to help out. We continue to pray for you and your family.
08/16/11Mike & Carol Schweikhard$25.00Thank you for helping get water to these families.
08/16/11Jennifer Machin$15.00Seba and Joaquin watched the video many times and really liked it. Thank you!
08/16/11Deborah Niccum$100.00Liam, I am so excited to participate with your project. Thank you for the example you have set for us. You are only six and already using some of the talents God has given you. Way to go!
08/16/11Betty J. Liffiton$25.00
08/16/11Cheryl Robinson$50.00
08/16/11Ellen Park$50.00
08/15/11Chris Christensen$100.00Great job Liam! You're the greatest! Keep it up!
08/15/11The Fayard's$50.00You are beyond inspiring ... absolutely amazing!! Godspeed sweet boy! Greg, Christy (at Milsoft), Ryan & Will
08/15/11Gary Lowe$25.00In memory of James R. "Mac" McNeil from Gary and Sandy Lowe.
08/15/11Missy & Jonathan Stinson$100.00Liam you are such an inspiration to us all! Keep up the good work! We are in continual prayer for you.
08/14/11Bridget Blair$25.00Hang in there, Liam. I will pray for you.
08/14/11Tim Coburn$50.00Liam, you are an inspiring young man. I know that my wife, Nancy, already donated, but I wanted to add some more to it!
08/14/11Beatrice Takacs$25.00Thanks for setting a caring example.
08/14/11Bryce Family$76.67So glad you encourage us to love others every day!
08/14/11Liz Bean$50.00Liam, you ar emaking such a big difference here and now in Africa as well. Thank you for being YOU.
08/14/11Melissa Hartill$40.00
08/14/11Ruth Jackson$10.00God Bless you
08/13/11Sharina McMahon$10.00So proud of your idea. We are continually praying for you, sweet Liam. Love, John, Sharina, Ansley, & baby Adison
08/13/11Amanda Spell$8.00This is from Jacob and Sydney's "give" envelopes. We love you guys!
08/13/11Austin Schoonmaket$40.00Great idea!! so very proud of you, Liam
08/13/11Peggy Simmons$25.00Riddle: How much does Liam Lowe love people? Answer: a "hole" lot. Lets dig a well together Liam!
08/13/11Susan McKeever$25.00Thanks, Liam, for caring about others!
08/13/11Scott & Joy Harsh$100.00
08/13/11Leah Keyes$100.00Liam, The world is "thirsty" for God's message and also for life sustaining water. We think this is a thoughtful idea to help with both needs! We are praying for your family.
08/13/11Sandy Gibbs$100.00Proud of you. I pray for you and your family very often.
08/13/11Donna & Wes McNeil$33.22Way to reach your goal Liam! We are Katie Brown's parents (your cousin Eric's wife) and we are so excited you have reach the goal! You seem like a wonderful kid, God Bless You!
08/13/11Virginia Haile$25.00Great idea!
08/13/11 Sheri Denman$50.00
08/13/11Jessica Hunsdon$100.00Liam, we heard about this wonderful project from our friend Natalie and even though we don't know you, we are so thankful that we can be a part of such a special gift to many people. - Jess and
08/13/11Jana & Brandon Young$30.00What a fantastic way to show love to others! We love YOU, Liam!
08/13/11Skylar & Rowan Young$7.00Skylar: I hope you feel better soon, Liam! / Rowan: I love this idea, Liam! I hope to see you soon.
08/13/11Duke Decker$5.18Liam is cool.
08/13/11Jackson Stafford$50.00
08/13/11Julie Anderson$50.00
08/13/11Mike and Beth Daugherity$100.00
08/13/11Marion Voorhees$25.00
08/13/11Louise Malan$50.00Dearest Liam that is the best gift to give someone in that part of Africa. With water they can drink, grow food and feed the animals. I grew up in Africa . Thank you so much for helping.
08/13/11Patrick & Vicki Valenta$20.00Your Grandma Sandy is my BFF! I'm so happy to help with your water project. Water is what makes the difference between a hard life and a good life. Thank you for helping us share.
08/12/11A Friend$50.00
08/12/11Greg Hanson$100.00Liam we are so happy to support your worthwhile project. You have such a thoughtful and loving heart. We are proud of you! Much Love to you and your family. The Hansons
08/12/11David and Stephanie Lang$25.00Great idea, Liam!
08/12/11cindy davis$25.00God bless you for helping other children.
08/12/11Jennifer Tucker-Dennis$10.00You are a wonderful inspiration!!! Way to spread the love!
08/11/11Brandon & Whitney Mascorro$200.00We have no doubt that God is smiling!
08/11/11Cooper & Reese Mascorro$15.02What a great idea!
08/11/11Summer Fuqua$100.00Thanks for letting us help with such a wonderful project, Liam! God is using your BIG ideas in BIG ways!
08/11/11Benjiman, Geneva, Hannah, Luke Kirven$25.00
08/11/11Jennifer Burke$20.00Almost there!
08/11/11Eric & Katie Brown$100.00What an amazing thing you are doing Liam! We are so proud of you and are rooting for you every step of the way. You are incredibly brave and we are honored to be a part of your family!
08/11/11Wes and Cat Whatley$200.00Way to go Liam! We are so proud of you.
08/11/11Ethan Fuqua$5.17I am excited to help you reach your goal, Liam!
08/11/11Billy, Whitney, Brooks and Macey Barron$50.00You're almost there! Great job!
08/11/11Kerith Wilhite$5.85Here's what I had in my jar. I hope you get well soon, Liam!
08/11/11Ya-Li Chung$20.00
08/11/11Shelby McGee$5.00You're nice to do this.
08/11/11Justin McGee$14.88I hope you reach your goal fast!
08/11/11Kayla Voorhees$25.00praying for you guys and so proud of all that you've raised!
08/11/11Nick Rude$25.00
08/11/11Brian Herrington$100.00I've wanted to do this for a while ... thanks for your example and caring heart.
08/10/11richard and jana beck$100.00So proud of you. What a wonderful idea!
08/10/11Linda King$25.00Liam, I can't wait to see that your goal has been reached. Thanks for the great idea.
08/10/11Matt Cole$50.00What a great idea Liam! You are an awesome kiddo, w/ awesome parents. We pray for you everyday at our house. Caleb, Bradley & Anderson have been working hard to save money. Love Matt &
08/10/11Nicole Seaman$150.00Blessings! Love, Cody, Nicole, Macie, Charlie, Fin Seaman
08/10/11Anderson Cole$6.68anderson (4). I like legos, I like water. We are going to pray for you.
08/10/11Bradley Cole$5.00We are praying for you.I heard you really like legos, so do I.
08/10/11Caleb Cole$22.00I hope you get better!
08/10/11Ervin Taylor$200.00
08/10/11Ricky Lewis$25.00Eventhough I don't know you, what I do know is you are a fine young man with a caring heart.
08/10/11Becky Paul$242.87
08/10/11Retha Schulz$50.00Liam, we are so thrilled to be a part of your project. We are proud of you! Thank you for sharing your vision.
08/10/11jody reese$100.00Liam...Jim and I go to church with you at Highland. Even though we don't really "know" you, we feel like we do because of all the people praying for you. You are a blessing!
08/10/11Clint and Laura Patterson$100.00
08/10/11Kristi Brokaw$10.00Liam, you rock! Just think how great all of those people will feel when they have clean water to drink! You are changing the world!
08/10/11Jeff & Katherine Wilhite$2000.00The armies of the Kingdom of God are lining up behind you, Liam. Lead on.
08/10/11Joel & Lynn Fuller$100.00How wonderful to think of others!
08/10/11Gary &Sylvia McCaleb$100.00
08/10/11Sue Olson$25.00Liam, thank you for coming up with this idea! What a great way to love others! You are one awesome kid!
08/10/11Angie Stewart$103.54We love you Liam and are proud of you! Madison wanted to help you raise this money and the $3.54 is from her piggy bank. We all pray for you daily!
08/10/11Allen Abraham$50.00
08/10/11Frances Lowe$100.00
08/09/11Amy Lowe$127.44Given by our friends at Hope Church of Christ.
08/09/11Lisa Rhodes$100.00Liam, You are such a brave and loving young man! I know Jesus is very proud of you! Thanks for loving those in need in Africa. You are an inspiration.
08/09/11Matthew Ezzell$60.00This is a good project. I want the people to have clean water. I pray for you.
08/09/11Janna Shoe$20.00Liam- I think this is a great cause and am so proud of you for thinking of others who need help too. I'm friends with your grandparents, Gary & Sandy. Praying for you daily.
08/09/11Linda Wansing$100.00Praising God in all things! Believing in healing for Liam!
08/09/11Amy Boone$50.00Liam, I am so excited about this project! We love you a lot!
08/09/11Shari Beers$25.00Liam, it is wonderful that you are helping other kids with the gift of water.
08/09/11Jodie Brown$100.00Liam, I am so glad you thought of these water wells, they will help so many people. We love you, Uncle Randy and Aunt Jodie
08/09/11Medrith Hamilton$100.00Just awesome that you want to help others!Stay Strong! Much love, Medrith Hamilton
08/09/11Pam Cox$100.00You are an inspirational little boy!
08/09/11Lori Myers$50.00We are inspired by Liam's love!
08/09/11Nick Valenta$40.00
08/09/11Andrew and Kelly Langdal$50.00What a wonderful gift you are giving!
08/09/11Katy Valenta White$25.00
08/08/11Deana mabe$500.00
08/08/11Melissa Mo$150.00Good work, Liam! We're so happy you have made the choice to help and bless others.
08/08/11Sheila Kitts$20.00
08/08/11Grant Fuller$10.00
08/08/11Marisa Moore $30.00Liam, you are soo special! Thank you for coming up with this awesome idea!
08/07/11Gary Lowe$100.00Grandaddy Lowe says he remembers a visit to Kenya where the folks walked over 5 miles to get the water for their tea. Aunt PK says this will help many people.
08/07/11Ofelia Gonzales$50.00
08/06/11Carmel Lympany$25.00Liam, you're a special guy! ~ blessings
08/06/11Mike and Diane Cope$100.00Thank you, Liam, for inspiring us. We can't wait for you to come back and swim!!
08/06/11Joe and Linda Crisp$200.00From your friends in Victoria to your friends around the world. Joe and Linda Crisp
08/05/11Abby Lowe $250.00 Liam, I am so proud of you, and so glad I get to be your aunt! Thank you for teaching me what compassion and generosity really mean.
08/05/11Charles and Judy Siburt$100.00May we give hope to all who are thirsty.
08/05/11Heather McGee$100.00There will be a lot of happy people because of you!
08/04/11Molly Bradley$250.00Thank you for showing us how to love others!
08/04/11cherie hopkins$125.00From Frankie and Cherie: thanks for letting us help, Liam!
08/04/11Kerry Fuller$50.00
08/04/11Johnny & Jana Chapa$25.00
08/04/11Michael and Mandy Flaming$50.00What a great idea Liam! Thanks for letting us help. Praying for you everyday! Michael and Mandy
08/04/11Olivia Flaming$12.34I am so proud of you for doing this Liam! Love Olivia and Tatum Flaming
08/04/11Kathy Loinette$50.00What a wonderful project! Thanks for allowing me to join in.
08/04/11Gilbert Hamilton$200.00We are happy to be a part of your clean water project. Love, Grandpa & Mimi
08/04/11Cindy Tucker$50.00What an awesome way to help so many people in need. We are praying for you and your family.
08/04/11Casey Burke$50.00What a wonderful idea, Liam!
08/04/11Jennifer Hamilton$100.00Awesome Liam!!! Keep up the great work. Love the Hamilton's
08/04/11Steve & Janice Fuller$50.00What a great idea, Liam! We support you all the way!
08/04/11mike terry$25.00im a student at mrs. fuller's school and i like your idea and i hope you get better soon.
08/04/11Bryce Alexander$200.00
08/04/11Debbie Flaming$50.00Praying for a complete recovery. What an awesome project to help others who are in such desperate need.
08/04/11Charlotte Price-Hawkins$100.00Liam, Joe and I are happy to be a part of this caring outreach. With all of the fires in our own area, we know the value of water, don't we? Thank you for thinking of others. Praying for you,
08/04/11Dianne Green$20.00Great idea, Liam!!!! So proud of you for doing this!
08/04/11Laura Lowe$10.00Awesome. Keep it up!
08/04/11Steven Bogos$5.00
08/04/11Jason Franks$50.00This is such a wonderful project. Thank you!
08/04/11Danice Trupp$10.00
08/03/11Megan Silver$25.00Way to go, Liam! You are an inspiration!
08/03/11Jim and Jeanenne Nichols$100.00Liam, we are Nathan and Zoe's Nana and Papa. This is a great idea!
08/03/11Elle Vitry$25.00Way to go!
08/03/11Darin Love$150.00Awesome idea Liam! God is using you to bless others.
08/03/11Barbie Geis$25.00Love this idea and we love you liam! You have such a wonderful heart! We plan on giving some each month until you have reached your goal!!! Stay strong and keep getting better! We are praying for you
08/03/11Sara Martinez$5.00Great idea, Liam!
08/03/11Pam Kirk$25.00All our love and prayers to Liam Lower to help make his dream come true!
08/03/11Patricia Smith$100.00Thanks Liam for wanting to help others, you are such a brave young man.
08/03/11Mary D. Arispe$25.00I think you are a brave young man and hope you reach your goal. I am a prayer intercessor and will pray for you and your project, be strong in Jesus and you will see the water flowing strong soon.
08/03/11Vicki Burke$25.00This is a great idea, Liam. Love you!
08/03/11Jeannie Shero$50.00Love you Liam!
08/03/11Holly Miller$10.00What a great way to make a difference!
08/03/11Donna Diebels$25.00
08/03/11Benjamin Fordham$25.00We have never met, but my grandma is friends with your grandma. You are such an inspiration!
08/03/11Amy Pybus$20.00
08/03/11Michelle Mickey$25.00Good luck Liam!! Such a wonderful project!!
08/03/11Matt and Amy Lowe$200.00We love you, Liam.
08/03/11Eric Robinson$150.00Crystal, Zoey, and I are awed by your courage and your desire to help others, Liam! We have been praying since last year and will continue to pray for you! Keep inspiring us Liam!!
08/03/11C Johnson$500.00
08/03/11Lana Franks$100.00Dear Liam, thank you for letting us help with your well project so that kids have clean water to drink. Great idea! Love, Aunt Lana
08/03/11Abigail Dzurik$500.00Way to go Liam. What a brave and loving boy you are!
08/03/11jessica matzkin$20.00
08/03/11Kati Pesek$25.00Keep up the good work!!
08/03/11Joy Simmons$5.00Good health to you!!
08/03/11Angela Fallon$300.00Good luck with your goal, Liam!
08/03/11Chad Haley Warner $50.00Liam, we are so proud of the way you love others. Thank you for letting us help.
08/03/11Nancy Coburn$100.00I was about to give to another great water project. So glad you asked to me join your project, Liam!
08/03/11Brad Simons$50.00
08/03/11Emily Gardner$30.00Awesome idea!! Keep up the good work!
08/03/11Roddy Fuller$100.00Liam, you have a very loving heart and Nanna and I are very proud of you. Love, Grandad.
08/03/11Billie Johnson$25.00Keep up the good work!!!!!!!
08/03/11David Martin$25.00Liam, this is a great idea! How cool is it that you want to help others. I'm all in!
08/03/11Josh & Ashley Seahorn$50.00
08/02/11Karen Ardito$20.00
08/02/11Desiree and Mahmood$15.00Hey Liam, this is an awesome idea. This is a wonderful way to love people.
08/02/11Greg and Elizabeth Wilson$100.00We love you Liam! So glad to be a part of Liam's Wells!
08/02/11Zoe Wilson$5.00"Please get better Liam"
08/02/11Megan Hartline$10.00This is a great idea Liam!
08/02/11Nathan Wilson$8.00
08/02/11Jennifer Burke$5.00Nice project idea Liam!
08/02/11Beth Young$10.00Good _Luck with your project. My husband is goning in June to help with one with our church.
08/02/11Chris Riley$104.25Jackson thought this was a great idea Liam! The 4.25 is from him. We love you!!
08/02/11Gayla Pope$100.00Proud of you, Liam!!
08/02/11the Dicksons$100.00What a GREAT idea, Liam!!! We are so proud of you!
08/02/11Emery Heflin$5.00I hope you get better soon. I'm glad you're my friend!
08/02/11Houston and Karen Heflin$50.00Our family dearly loves you, Liam!
08/02/11Lisa Cabrera$200.00Many blessings!
08/02/11Jenifer Blair$100.00Thank you Liam for letting us help you build this wonderful gift!! It's a great idea!!
08/02/11Pam Early$100.00love me some Lowe's - you are all such amazing people!
08/02/11Polly Ray$50.00
08/02/11Ginger Stewart$100.00We love you Liam and we loves others as well. So Glad we are able to help.
08/02/11Foy Owens$25.00Liam, I have made 5 trips to Africa in the last two years. I know how many this project will help. God bless your loving heart! And we pray daily for healing for you!
08/02/11Liam Lowe$6.56
08/01/11Natalie Bryant-Rizzieri$200.00Liam - I'm so happy to help you reach this goal. It is something I've never done before and I am inspired by you. Thanks for making this important project happen. You are a gift to the wo

Why It Matters

Access to clean, safe water unlocks potential

Did you know nearly 1 billion people don't have safe water to drink?

Together, we can change that. Let's fund a new source of drinking water for those who suffer needlessly without it!

Our gifts will be used to construct or rehabilitate a water project, like a well or sand dam, in Africa. We'll see pictures, GPS coordinates, and updates as they come in from the actual water project we fund so we can celebrate the results along with the community we help.

About The Water Project

The Water Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world who suffer needlessly without.

Working with local partners in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Uganda, we build long lasting water projects that are organized, owned and managed by the communities receiving them.

Together, with our partners we identify, implement, report on and follow up on every project. Then we share the whole story with you to inspire confidence in the work being done and the impact it has.