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The Billion Dollar NFT Water Project$5.45
Joshua Dungan$9.48
Joshua Dungan$5.43

This project is powered by people and Art4water.org and the BoredArt.club & the #nftSanta bot

Attention NFT & Crypto community... "the time has come."

Let's set a record AND do something good at the same time!

Announcing the BoredArt4Water #1MillionNFTS for #CleanWater collaborative!

Details on how you can get free NFTs will be posted soon at https://BoredArt.club


1. Register for a free NFT by entering your Ethereum NFT wallet address

2. Our server randomly selects a winner and mints a free artwork NFT via Rarible to the winner.

3. Artworks are created on the fly at time of winner selection and the only person who can see it is the owner via locked content on IPFS. The preview image will simply say "#BoredArt4Water #nftSantaGift NFT-ART #xxxxxxx"


Royalties on nftSantGifts are set as follows:

10% to this project's Ethereum campaign address.

8% to the address of the winner

1% to BoredArt.club

1% to Art4Water.org

That is how this project works.

That means for every $340 in NFT resales from the collection, one person will gain access to clean water!



Project Creator: Joshua Dungan




Campaign donation address:


*The 0x78ed875bC4C06405db3Af37f39856483F126C5A1 address is the Giving Block address used for the first & second donations to this campaign.

It is a reusable address and it takes up to one week to post to the website stats.

This is the address that royalties will be sent to for this project... automated royalty donations without the risk of fraud from the 'middle-man.'

Campaign page: (you are here): https://thewaterproject.org/community/profile/anakabba

Thank you for supporting this project.

I am NOT an employee of TWP, but I have been communicating with TWP support to set this up in accordance to the TWP term of service and for support.

Clean water is the number one priority, no matter what you were taught and a billion dollar goal doesn't have to be met in a lifetime.

The Billion Dollar Nft Water Project
Donated $5.45 on 09/19/21
Just a $5 donation let's you post here! Promote your NFT project, make a wish, do a shoutout, say hello etc...

The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

Read More About The Work

How this works

Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!