$53,293 Raised
of $1,000,000
 1567 people will receive water thanks to...
LacMont Properties$50.00
Marie F.$50.00
Bruce and Christine K.$25.00
Lutz and Chelsea N.$50.00
db Landscaping$50.00
Kunigunde C.$50.00
Jeff and Dawn C.$25.00
Andrew K.$75.00
Joseph C.$75.00
Lucas D.$25.00
Jack D.$25.00
Daniel M.$25.00
Cindy D.$100.00
Rachel G.$25.00
Michael and Brenda G.$25.00
John R.$25.00
Ann H.$25.00
Darcy K.$25.00
Kyle T.$50.00
Cynthia J.$50.00
Mandy L.$50.00
Matt B.$50.00
Kathy R.$50.00
Sarah S.$25.00
Terrence M.$75.00
Lois S.$25.00
Bruce B.$25.00
Jesse B.$25.00
Robert and Maureen L.$25.00
Jessica K.$50.00
Gary and Veronica H.$25.00
Ben K.$25.00
Ashley L.$75.00
Beth P.$50.00
Patrick C.$50.00
Michael and Denise K.$50.00
Linda K.$25.00
Joe L.$25.00
Gail M.$50.00
William C.$50.00
Gerald A.$25.00
Mark F.$25.00
Darren B.$25.00
Robert and Joan S.$75.00
Robert and Samantha S.$25.00
David and Gloria W.$25.00
Sharon H.$25.00
Daniel J.$25.00
Gary D.$25.00
Jody F.$25.00
Derek M.$25.00
Raymond and Brigid S.$25.00
Richard and Diana C.$25.00
Joseph P.$25.00
Donald P.$50.00
Jason and Crystal H.$25.00
Jessica N.$50.00
Mario V.$50.00
Jathleen H.$50.00
Ryan T.$25.00
Cargill Construction$50.00
Jon and Lucia E.$25.00
Justin and Samantha F.$25.00
Patrick and Lori C.$25.00
Ronald R.$25.00
Randy L.$25.00
Sean S.$25.00
Anne S.$25.00
Patricia B.$75.00
Don F.$50.00
Jackie A.$25.00
Megan M.$50.00
Richard T.$25.00
Charles P.$25.00
Dana and George-Ann W.$25.00
Donna H.$25.00
Ann F.$25.00
Peter and Amanda R.$25.00
Edie B.$75.00
Stephen and Jill K.$50.00
Taras W.$50.00
Deborah B.$50.00
William H.$25.00
John R.$25.00
Sidney B.$125.00
David and Christine F.$25.00
Cathryn V.$25.00
Adam T.$50.00
Bryan W.$25.00
Norman L.$25.00
Joseph C.$50.00
LacMont Properties LLC$50.00
April G.$25.00
Michael D.$25.00
Paul and Michelle L.$25.00
Christopher R.$25.00
Mark and Linda H.$50.00
David and Shari R.$50.00
Adam B.$25.00
Leva G.$25.00
Tyler and Heidi J.$25.00
William H.$50.00
Benjamin and Penny M.$75.00
Jonathan S.$25.00
Carlton and Nadine P.$75.00
Gayle B.$25.00
Vicki B.$50.00
Timothy V.$50.00
Robert P.$50.00
Linda D.$50.00
Jeanne B.$25.00
Ralph M.$25.00
David P.$25.00
Randy L.$75.00
Robert R.$25.00
Anne S.$25.00
Ivan and Lynda J.$25.00
Nicholas and Chelsea M.$25.00
Mike M.$25.00
Kevin C.$25.00
Thomas M.$25.00
Brian N.$25.00
Kevin L.$25.00
Aileen R.$50.00
Carolyn S.$100.00
Ignacio F.$25.00
David G.$50.00
Edward M.$50.00
Edward K.$50.00
Joseph and Diana R.$50.00
Richard R.$50.00
Pam F.$25.00
Melissa C.$75.00
Bonnie T.$25.00
Alan B.$25.00
Brian H.$75.00
Sally H.$50.00
James and Lisa W.$25.00
Janet B.$25.00
Adam M.$50.00
Leeds B.$25.00
William C.$50.00
Brian S.$25.00
Gregg N.$50.00
Avo A.$25.00
Barbara D.$25.00
Timothy B.$25.00
Matthew and Lisa B.$25.00
Ryan A.$50.00
Richard and Deb C.$50.00
Robert and Sany M.$24.00
Lise M.$50.00
Evangeline R.$25.00
David and Joshua W.$25.00
Lois S.$25.00
Neil and Corinne C.$25.00
Nanarao K.$100.00
John and Monica E.$25.00
Marsha M.$25.00
Michael W.$50.00
Kenneth T.$25.00
William B.$25.00
Rosa S.$50.00
Brian C.$25.00
Keith B.$100.00
Michelle R.$75.00
Randy and Jennie C.$50.00
Michael and Leeanne O.$25.00
Tracy W.$25.00
William and Sandy P.$25.00
Mark L.$25.00
Gail G.$25.00
Renee and Benjamin C.$25.00
Steven and April B.$25.00
Michael and Patricia O.$25.00
John D.$25.00
Timothy R.$75.00
Scott R.$75.00
Ralph and Deborah S.$25.00
Michael B.$25.00
Donald and Gail W.$25.00
Justin G.$50.00
Jeffrey and Joan S.$25.00
Christine T.$25.00
Greg and Angela W.$25.00
Kevin F.$50.00
Paul F.$25.00
Christopher and Marylee V.$25.00
Douglas and Karen R.$50.00
Jon & Lucia E.$25.00
Denis and Pamela R.$25.00
James and Debbie M.$50.00
Back Lake Lodges LLC$25.00
Vivek D.$50.00
William C.$50.00
Jeffrey K.$25.00
Scott and Jennifer P.$25.00
Ryan C.$75.00
Jennifer M.$50.00
Brian and Katrina T.$75.00
Steve R.$25.00
John and Joan M.$25.00
Nelson A.$50.00
William S.$50.00
Charles and Kelly H.$25.00
Donald C.$75.00
Marc and Dianne P.$25.00
Sarah O.$25.00
John L.$25.00
Kenneth C.$25.00
Graham and Jill H.$25.00
John M.$25.00
Jane B.$25.00
Daniel J.$25.00
Cassandra R.$75.00
Anthony and Aimee G.$75.00
Jerry O.$200.00
Hugh and Elizabeth R.$50.00
Kelly and Pam C.$25.00
Douglas and Maureen L.$50.00
Jason D.$125.00
Old Hampshire Design$25.00
Steve G.$25.00
Albert and Cara H.$25.00
William F.$25.00
Ralph and Priscilla C.$25.00
David A.$25.00
Scott B.$25.00
William and Lisa C.$50.00
Jonathan and Rebecca S.$75.00
Shawn and Emily S.$25.00
Scott F.$25.00
Chris A.$25.00
Joshua D.$25.00
Zack J.$75.00
Chen Yang Li Restaurant$25.00
Mark Z.$25.00
Alta C.$25.00
Joe D.$25.00
Lisa V.$125.00
Ryan B.$25.00
Bertrand and Maria L.$25.00
Brannigan B.$25.00
Paul H.$25.00
Laurie F.$25.00
Timothy S.$75.00
Chuck W.$25.00
Jan R.$25.00
Frank B.$50.00
Scott M.$50.00
Skip F.$25.00
Lyn S.$25.00
William and Yvonne N.$25.00
Tracy D.$50.00
Stephen P.$25.00
Steve C.$50.00
Steven L.$50.00
Joseph H.$50.00
Jon and Holly R.$50.00
Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum$25.00
Clayton and Lisa H.$25.00
Camilla W.$50.00
James and Michelle D.$50.00
Sally S.$25.00
Stephen and Donna H.$50.00
David and Linda L.$25.00
James and Linda R.$50.00
Michael B.$50.00
Daniel and Laura T.$50.00
Jeff and Teresa P.$25.00
Merrill D.$25.00
Annette K.$50.00
Richard and Lillian G.$25.00
Gavin and Iris M.$50.00
Derek and Kristyna S.$25.00
Joseph and Terri P.$75.00
James M.$25.00
Michael B.$50.00
Daniel W.$100.00
Paul and Shelli S.$25.00
James D.$75.00
Randell C.$25.00
Richard C.$25.00
Barbara S.$25.00
Keith O.$25.00
Maggie K.$25.00
Peter Y.$50.00
Michael C.$75.00
Darlene N.$25.00
Anne G.$25.00
Michael C.$50.00
Timothy C.$25.00
Kari G.$50.00
Michael and Tina B.$50.00
Greg S.$75.00
Stephen S.$50.00
Jason M.$25.00
Robert and Carol H.$75.00
Vincent B.$25.00
Michael and Vicki C.$25.00
Gloria M.$25.00
Aaron R.$25.00
Brandon G.$50.00
Neal B.$25.00
Adam and Jackie E.$25.00
Warren A.$50.00
Steve and Donna W.$50.00
Joseph W.$25.00
Ellen G.$25.00
Robert T.$25.00
Marie-Josee V.$25.00
Daniel V.$25.00
Patrick and Kimberlie M.$25.00
KVC Builders$100.00
Ugo Enterprises$25.00
Robert R.$25.00
Heather S.$25.00
Timothy H.$50.00
Horatio M.$75.00
Leo N.$75.00
SAU 36 Whitefield School$125.00
Ann D.$50.00
Nathalie H.$25.00
James and Sarah O.$50.00
Stephen and Joyce I.$25.00
Lynn M.$50.00
Brett and Anne M.$25.00
James T.$75.00
Trish C. & Kelly B.$25.00
Greg A.$25.00
Gayle H.$25.00
Phil S.$25.00
Caroline K.$25.00
Nicholas M.$100.00
Maggie K.$25.00
Brendaen and Jill M$50.00
Ethan and Erin B.$50.00
Michele C.$25.00
Robert D.$25.00
Henry M.$50.00
Eric L.$75.00
Ian and Tricia A.$25.00
David and Jean T.$50.00
Patrick O.$25.00
Mark T.$25.00
Jeffrey and Karin D.$50.00
Ernest and Alena G.$25.00
Sandwich Central School$25.00
John G.$25.00
Keith C.$50.00
Stephanie B.$75.00
Charles P.$25.00
Peter G.$50.00
Mark R.$25.00
Ann R.$50.00
Timothy D.$25.00
Sean and Pamela S.$25.00
Gregory R.$25.00
Kent and Dawna O.$25.00
Joseph R.$25.00
Dennis C.$50.00
Robert S.$50.00
Andrew T.$50.00
Roberta F.$25.00
Michael C.$75.00
Michael and Amy S.$25.00
Patrick B.$50.00
Michael C.$25.00
Christina M.$25.00
Paul and Sheila R.$25.00
Carolyn D.$25.00
Bradford and Jessica M.$25.00
Joseph T.$25.00
Jacqueline C.$75.00
Matthew G.$50.00
James and Susan H.$25.00
Michael B.$125.00
Mary Shea$50.00
Sarah K.$50.00
Lake Life Realty$25.00
Ruth S.$50.00
Steven M.$50.00
Albert and Judith G.$25.00
Dominick and Jessica M.$25.00
Gary and Meg Hirshberg$25.00
Peter and Alisa C.$25.00
Lynne S.$25.00
Armand D.$25.00
Vicki L.$25.00
David and Kathleen M.$25.00
William M.$25.00
Doug W.$25.00
Paul S.$50.00
Alex R.$25.00
Sean K.$25.00
Phil and Claudia K.$50.00
Jan C.$25.00
Jason and Teresa G.$50.00
Kylee Y.$25.00
Peter M.$50.00
Gerry S.$25.00
Justin and Amanda A.$25.00
Justin and Heather S.$50.00
Ted and Melissa N.$50.00
Allan P.$25.00
Judy C.$25.00
James and Becca C.$50.00
Cody and Brittany C.$25.00
James S.$25.00
Edward and Janet C.$25.00
Cargill Construction$50.00
Kaitlyn G.$50.00
John G.$50.00
Gina C.$50.00
Richard and Kelly S.$25.00
Jacqueline C.$50.00
Christopher M.$25.00
Wayne and Joann P.$50.00
Scott C.$25.00
Christopher B.$25.00
Austin H.$50.00
Peter and Chrissy M.$25.00
JP Structures$25.00
Timothy and Sophia J.$25.00
Steven Z.$25.00
Roy A.$25.00
William G.$100.00
Jeff G.$25.00
Daniel S.$25.00
Dianna P.$50.00
Shirley C.$25.00
Daniel and Barbara H.$25.00
Edward K.$25.00
Gary and Meg H.$25.00
Frank P.$25.00
Michael and Nancy J.$25.00
Barbara B.$25.00
Roy and Elaine M.$25.00
Scott C.$25.00
Babita S.$25.00
Audra L.$50.00
Kevin and Chase T.$50.00
Jaromir D.$50.00
David and Tricia N.$25.00
Upshur S.$25.00
Merrill and Diane V.$25.00
Matthew R.$50.00
Gregory J.$50.00
Heather M.$50.00
Curtis L.$25.00
Darla L.$25.00
Stone Mountain Farm$25.00
Tanya H.$75.00
Nadia W.$25.00
Jessica B.$50.00
Stephen C.$25.00
Emily G.$25.00
Peter G.$25.00
Isabel B.$50.00
SAU 2 Sandwich School$25.00
SAU 2 Interlakes$50.00
Arthur and Laurie M.$25.00
James and April T.$25.00
David S.$25.00
Gloria R.$25.00
Jeffrey G.$50.00
Michael and Marie W.$25.00
Andrew Y.$25.00
Thelma S.$25.00
Bruce E.$25.00
Gary and Meg H.$50.00
Austin H.$25.00
Donald P.$50.00
Kasi R.$200.00
Casey M.$25.00
Vincent and Jayne F.$25.00
Ronald M.$25.00
Brad W.$25.00
Robert B.$25.00
Adam H.$25.00
Michael J.$25.00
Benjamin C.$100.00
Larry and Florence W.$50.00
Erik B.$50.00
Paul W.$50.00
George D.$25.00
Jeanne B.$25.00
Harry and Natalia P.$25.00
Cote Builders$25.00
Jeffrey W.$25.00
James B.$25.00
Theresa S.$50.00
Torry H.$25.00
Belmare Properties$50.00
Mark and Patricia M.$25.00
Aaron H.$75.00
Erin B.$50.00
Peter G.$25.00
Matthew and Lucy H.$25.00
James S.$25.00
Steve J.$50.00
Kelly L.$75.00
James and Claire C.$50.00
Shayne & Renee D.$50.00
Luc and Louise C.$50.00
Michael F.$50.00
David D.$25.00
Tyler C.$25.00
Leigh C.$25.00
KVC Builders$25.00
Jeffrey H.$25.00
Melissa S.$25.00
Diane H.$25.00
Peter M.$25.00
Alan and Stephanie P.$75.00
William and Jane J.$25.00
Michelle B.$50.00
Scott and Betsy H.$75.00
Theo and Jessica S.$25.00
Jeremiah M.$25.00
Brian and Margaret M.$25.00
Richard O.$50.00
Beth B.$25.00
Blake L.$25.00
Barton H.$25.00
Andrew and Stacy B.$25.00
Keith S.$25.00
Caroline B.$25.00
Sherrie R.$50.00
Steven H.$25.00
Paul and Roberta C.$25.00
Mark B.$25.00
Brad and Jennifer R.$25.00
Michelle H.$25.00
David C.$25.00
Mark A.$25.00
Gordon B.$75.00
Ronald R.$25.00
Jason D.$75.00
Beattie Enterprises$25.00
John & Jan P.$25.00
Cedric M.$75.00
Marc M.$25.00
Marc M.$25.00
Robert R.$25.00
David and Carol E.$50.00
Mark P.$25.00
Norman and Kathleen H.$25.00
Christopher E.$25.00
Joseph S.$50.00
Andrew and Inga W.$50.00
Fred B.$50.00
Leon S.$25.00
Todd W.$50.00
Emily and Brian L.$25.00
Kelly G.$25.00
Michael and Erin T.$25.00
Timothy J.$75.00
Sherry M.$50.00
Richard K.$50.00
Leva G.$25.00
Mark B.$25.00
Michael F.$50.00
Terry L.$25.00
David T.$50.00
Bert F.$50.00
Jeronimo G.$25.00
Dawn H.$25.00
Marc C.$75.00
Matthew and Alison N.$25.00
Mark C.$50.00
Edward C.$25.00
Donald C.$25.00
Stephen N.$50.00
Terry and Heather M.$25.00
Norman C.$25.00
Michael R.$50.00
Brookfield Investments$50.00
Knoxland Farm$25.00
James & Gale D.$25.00
Jody and Lindsay C.$25.00
Colby L.$25.00
Barry and Karol D.$25.00
John M.$25.00
Ernst B.$25.00
Bonnie H.$25.00
Raymond M.$25.00
Michael R.$25.00
Robert T.$25.00
Robert B.$50.00
Craig and Holly A.$25.00
Jessica H.$25.00
Frank and Liz S.$25.00
Bryan and Kelly C.$50.00
Nathan and Amy S.$75.00
Pater N.$75.00
Joseph M.$25.00
Michael R.$50.00
Joseph and Julie S.$25.00
Forrest H.$25.00
Kirsten H.$75.00
Jack C.$25.00
Sandra A.$25.00
Michael and Vee P.$25.00
Christina T.$25.00
Mark and Paula B.$50.00
Sandra R.$25.00
Neal and Lynn D.$25.00
Paul and France C.$25.00
Peter & Brenda R.$25.00
Robert and MaryJo M.$25.00
Carroll P.$25.00
Sandra B.$25.00
Jack and Nancy B.$25.00
Michael D.$50.00
Zach B.$75.00
Joseph and Denise M.$25.00
Tim and Codie C.$50.00
Donald P.$50.00
Christina H.$25.00
Patrick and Pamela K.$25.00
James and Pamela S.$75.00
Michael C.$25.00
Phil & Bridget F.$25.00
Curtis and Tina R.$50.00
Diane K.$25.00
Brian and Kristi D.$25.00
Matthew and Melanie S.$75.00
Mark and Carol S.$25.00
Christopher B.$25.00
Mark and Kathleen T.$25.00
Philip B.$25.00
Kathy C.$25.00
Susan Z.$25.00
Bruce and Barbara J.$25.00
Bruce and Casandra W.$50.00
Eben C.$25.00
Tad and Stefanie C.$25.00
Jill and Aaron S.$25.00
Craig P.$50.00
Jean and Kathy N.$25.00
Robert D.$50.00
Todd and Rhona C.$25.00
Nicholas C.$25.00
McGray and Nichols$25.00
JBI Helicopter Services$50.00
Paul N.$25.00
Kenneth K.$25.00
Daniel S.$25.00
Bruce & Virginia B.$75.00
Kyle and Megan B.$175.00
William and Shelley W.$50.00
Alexander K.$25.00
Stephen C.$25.00
Mike S.$25.00
Doug I.$50.00
Deanna G.$25.00
Dennis C.$25.00
Patricia P.$50.00
Justin and Amy C.$50.00
Geoffrey and Deborah S.$50.00
Michael M.$75.00
Marc and Dianne P.$25.00
Helen H.$25.00
David C.$25.00
Michael J.$50.00
Elaine S.$50.00
Bruce and Pat A.$25.00
Kathleen M.$25.00
Christopher and Jennifer M.$50.00
Douglas N.$50.00
Mark L.$25.00
Nathan F.$25.00
Noe L.$25.00
Donald and Pamela C.$25.00
Heather M.$25.00
Robert D.$25.00
Joseph D.$25.00
SAU 83$100.00
Robert and Pamela A.$50.00
Thomas S.$25.00
Myles J.$25.00
Kellen and Danyelle F.$50.00
Albert W.$50.00
Ashley T.$50.00
Betsy W.$25.00
Brendan B.$25.00
Christopher M.$75.00
Christopher B.$25.00
David B.$25.00
Dennis and Cynthia M.$50.00
Elsina W.$50.00
Elijah B.$25.00
David and Diane O.$25.00
Glen and Jeanette B.$25.00
Grant W.$50.00
John and Dori G.$50.00
John P.$50.00
Katelyn B.$50.00
John and Beverly M.$25.00
John and Diana G.$25.00
Mark B.$25.00
Mark B.$50.00
Kristina L.$25.00
Mark L.$50.00
Leah K.$75.00
McGray and Nichols$25.00
Michael D.$25.00
Michael C.$25.00
Nathan P.$25.00
Ralph P.$100.00
Richard and Kristen J.$50.00
Robert B.$50.00
Sunny M.$50.00
Susan P.$25.00
J&T Wood Grinding & Equip$25.00
Curtis and Olga T.$25.00
Wayne and Alice T.$25.00
McGray and Nichols$75.00
Randal and Karen D.$50.00
JP Structures$25.00
Amanda O.$25.00
Ken D.$25.00
Paul and Sheila R.$25.00
Richard G.$50.00
Alexander C.$100.00
Jillian M.$50.00
William R.$25.00
Michael and Christine J.$25.00
Stephanie S.$25.00
Christopher M.$25.00
Steve P.$50.00
Todd P.$50.00
Timothy K.$75.00
Jean P.$25.00
Craig S.$25.00
Robin S.$50.00
Milan Village School$25.00
Michael K.$75.00
Sam and Samantha B.$50.00
Dean R.$25.00
Frances B.$50.00
Rebecca M.$25.00
Frank V.$50.00
Jeff and Teresa P.$25.00
Allen B.$25.00
Todd and Sharon P.$25.00
Marcia D.$50.00
Margaret H.$25.00
Scott L.$25.00
Brookfield Investments$25.00
Nancy D.$25.00
Lindsey K.$50.00
John M.$25.00
Claudia S.$25.00
Mitch and Kricket I.$50.00
Andrea B.$25.00
Michael G.$25.00
Michael M.$25.00
Bryan R.$25.00
Mark L.$25.00
Timothy M.$50.00
Jamie and Shelly T.$25.00
Steven and Denise P.$25.00
Mark and Kirstin D.$25.00
Thomas W.$25.00
John C.$25.00
Paul & Arlana G.$50.00
Brian and Melanie M.$25.00
Dana C.$25.00
Ann G.$50.00
Yury O.$25.00
Robert & Beth B.$25.00
Gilbert M.$25.00
Patricia H.$75.00
Amy D.$25.00
Mathew S.$25.00
George C.$50.00
Mark and Margaret P.$50.00
Russell S.$25.00
Wayne and Sandra M.$25.00
Sue B.$25.00
Richard G.$25.00
Stuart and Edith W.$25.00
Roger and Karen F.$50.00
Robert R.$25.00
Margaret H.$50.00
Pasha and Greta R.$50.00
David B.$25.00
Lori B.$25.00
Heather W.$25.00
Clinton J.$25.00
Kevin and Krista P.$25.00
Stephen R.$25.00
Peter and Pamela M.$25.00
Robert M.$25.00
George and Kathy L.$25.00
Eric R.$75.00
Shane and Laura P.$25.00
Leigh C.$25.00
Roger A.$25.00
Anne F.$50.00
John M.$25.00
Mark W.$50.00
Kevin and Linda C.$25.00
Michael O.$25.00
John M.$50.00
Brandt K.$25.00
Marc R.$25.00
Zack M.$25.00
William and Alison T.$25.00
Ralph B.$25.00
Town of Webster$50.00
Scott G.$25.00
Jenri and Rebeka V.$25.00
Donald T.$25.00
SAU 2 Sandwich School$25.00
Jay C.$50.00
John S.$25.00
John and Aline P.$25.00
George M.$25.00
JP Builders Company$50.00
Christopher B$25.00
Arthur S$25.00
Jorge S$1000.00
Stephen P$25.00
Crotched Mtn Foundation$25.00
Sean R$25.00
Bob and Denise I$25.00
Donna G$25.00
Kurt and Corie$50.00
Calvin G$25.00
Jane R$50.00
James and Phyllis R$25.00
Gretchen A$25.00
Susan P$50.00
Al and Jane R$50.00
Jessica L$50.00
Tracey N$25.00
Glenn S$25.00
Richard and Denise C$50.00
Bernie and Rachel B$25.00
Peter and Margaret Y$25.00
Robert and Suzanne A$25.00
Joseph M$75.00
Vicki W$25.00
Sam and Lauren C$25.00
James and Denise B$25.00
Lode D$50.00
Tracy S$25.00
Benjamin and Susan L$25.00
Bruce C.$25.00
Yan & Kristen T.$50.00
Garry & Mary S.$50.00
Marion & Crystal C.$25.00
Dominic C.$25.00
Linda W.$25.00
Pauline B.$25.00
David & Catherine A.$50.00
Robert M.$25.00
Joseph D.$25.00
Eric R.$25.00
Town of Webster, NH$25.00
Gene & Mary E.$25.00
Anthony & Aimee G.$50.00
Shawn & Victoria M.$25.00
Jonathan D.$25.00
Rafal M.$25.00
Justin S.$25.00
Nga T.$50.00
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At Capital Well Clean Water Center WATER IS OUR LIFE. Besides being the only focus of our entire business, we know that SAFE, CLEAN WATER is foundational for health in our world. We believe our partnership with THE WATER PROJECT is the perfect way to give back and "practice what we preach" regarding real and sustainable access to safe, clean water for the world we live in.

We are excited to support this local New Hampshire-based charity providing safe, clean, and reliable water projects in the developing world! We believe EVERYONE deserves access to safe, clean water. So, for every water filter unit we sell, we will donate $25 in our customer’s name to The Water Project. Every customer will be able to see the actual clean water project that their purchase helps fund. For over ten years, The Water Project has helped communities gain access to safe, clean water by providing training, expertise, and financial support for water point construction through their staff and implementing partners. In that time, The Water Project has provided a pathway to clean water for over 500,000 people, and we’re proud to lend our hands to help even more. Our goal for this year (2018) is to raise $50,000 through our fundraising campaigns and water filtration unit sales.

Lack of access to safe water is a harsh reality for millions. Every day in countless communities around the world, millions of women and girls walk for miles on end, to gather and carry water. Combine this with daily food shortages, limited access to education, lack of sanitation facilities, unsafe hygiene habits and disabling illnesses, which often lead to death, and it’s easy to see how difficult it is to escape the cycle of inequality and poverty.

The SCARY realities...

  • 663 million people have no access to safe water— that’s equal to the combined populations of the United States, Russia, Japan, France, Italy and Canada. It is hard to believe that these facts exist in modern society. But they are TOO REAL for way too many people.
  • 2.4 billion people, ROUGHLY 34% OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION, do not have access to improved sanitation.
  • To collect water, women in Asia and Africa must walk an average of 3.7 miles, roughly equal to the length of 55 NFL football fields.
  • The world’s population has tripled over the last century, while water use has multiplied by 7.
  • If all the water on earth could fit in a 5-liter bucket, less than 1 teaspoon would be accessible fresh water.
  • 1.8 billion people COULD BE LIVING IN ABSOLUTE SCARCITY BY 2025, WHILE two-thirds OF the global population could experience water stress.
  • Every minute, a child dies from a diarrheal disease caused by contaminated water and poor sanitation.
  • The impact of diarrheal diseases on children is greater than that of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
  • 50% of malnutrition is related to repeated diarrhea or intestinal nematode infections as a result of unclean water, inadequate sanitation or poor hygiene.
  • $1 spent on sanitation yields a $9 return, by keeping people healthier and more productive.
  • Water-related illness has been estimated to cause the loss of 443 million school days each year, the equivalent of 615,000 kids missing all 4 years of high school.
  • Unsafe water and sanitation are estimated to cause global economic losses of around $260 BILLION annually.
  • Worldwide, there are more people who own cell phones than have access to toilets.
  • Almost 2 in every 3 people without access to safe water survive on less than $2 A day.
  • Inadequate management of urban, industrial, and agricultural wastewater means the drinking-water of hundreds of millions of people is dangerously contaminated or chemically polluted.
  • Diarrhea is the most widely known disease linked to contaminated food and water, but there are other hazards. Almost 240 million people are affected by schistosomiasis – an acute and chronic disease caused by parasitic worms contracted through exposure to infested water.
  • In many parts of the world, insects that live or breed in water carry and transmit diseases such as dengue fever. Some of these insects, known as vectors, breed in clean, rather than dirty water, and household drinking water containers can serve as breeding grounds. The simple intervention of covering water storage containers can reduce vector breeding and may also reduce fecal contamination of water at the household level.

    Please join us in this awesome mission to help create safe, clean, sustainable water solutions for the people and places that need it the most!

    Most sincerely,

    Capital Well Clean Water Center

    Liberte Dragon
    Donated $70.28 on 06/28/19
    Nice job Capital this is such a great thing!
    Susan Grace
    Donated $34.00 on 03/23/19
    Less time being sick and more time being educated which means less demand for aid. Win Win for everyone.
    Franco Dalessandro
    Donated $68.00 on 03/22/19
    Proud of my cousin Danny! Love you bud, Frankie
    Liberte Dragon
    Donated $100.00 on 10/18/18
    Happy to donate to a Great Cause!
    Jeffrey Quinn Preferred Pump
    Donated $400.00 on 10/09/18
    Preferred Pump & Equipt. is happy to help such a good cause!
    John Reichert
    Donated $111.44 on 06/29/18
    Great to see companies that give back.
    Premier Pump & Supply
    Donated $103.20 on 06/28/18
    Good Luck to a Good Cause
    Adam Dragon
    Donated $1000.00 on 05/18/18
    Capital Well Clean Water Center - Opening Donation!
    The Potenza Family
    Donated $70.28 on 05/18/18
    We LOVE this partnership!

    The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

    Read More About The Work

    How this works

    Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

    The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

    The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

    Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!