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Bwana Asifiwa!

Hi! When I was a little girl, after making a decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I told my mother at the age of 12 years old, "Mama, one day I hope I can go to Africa one day and tell people about Jesus." She told me to pray about it, and if the opportunity was to ever arise, to make the most of it! I am 25 years old now and I just returned back home from being in Nairobi, Kenya 3 months ago!!! Jesus is so faithful to take us exactly where He wants us. Sometimes a small bold "yes" can lead to a big leap of faith that will change our lives forever.

Ever since returning home from Kenya, I have been in a season of reflecting on the places where we ministered, the adults & children that we had the opportunity to share God's love with, and the stewards of Christ that we had the opportunity to serve with in Kenya, who are carrying the name of Jesus there full time as missionaries. Since being in Africa, I am confident that each of us are a crucial ingredient to God's global plan in reaching the Nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ. No matter your occupation, your passions, your skills or abilities, you are a vital part of God's global plan. As I returned to the United States, back to my mission field here on the coast of South Carolina, my heart began to realize there is *still* something that I can do to contribute to the needs of others in Africa. There are many spiritual and physical needs in Africa. One physical need that I saw multiple times throughout my time in Kenya was dehydration & the need for clean water. I had the opportunity to serve in a school while we were in Kenya & saw many children and adults who were thirsty. Being an Exercise Physiology major in College, I am aware of how much water the body requires in order to stay efficiently hydrated. There were roughly 300 little children at this school where we were located. I saw many little children who were being extremely affected by the negative issues of dehydration. How is a child suppose to focus and efficiently learn if their nutrition need for water is not met? With studying Exercise Physiology, I am aware of how much dehydration can hurt a child or even an adult. The temperatures in Nairobi were in the mid 90's so you can only imagine how much anyone of any age would need water. The question that I was compelled to ask myself in returning from Africa was, "What can I do to make an impact?" Going to Africa to be the hands and feet of Jesus impacted my life in such a special way, but I think one of the most important things in returning from a mission trip is the trail of Good News that we begin to leave long after we have departed from our mission site.


After much prayer and thanking Jesus for this vision that He has placed within my heart, I am starting a fundraiser with The Water Project. I do not know how long this will take, but I believe The Lord will provide everything that we need in his perfect timing! Every bit of the proceeds will be going to The Water Project to build a well in a certain location of Kenya. I will prayerfully be coordinating a 5k run in the Fall to get our community involved in making an impact towards the children and adults who are affected by the water crisis in Africa!

I hope you'll consider joining me to fund a water project. With your gifts and your help rallying support, we can provide clean, safe and reliable water to a community in Africa & we will be able to watch the progress of this well being built! Think about how many lives of children & adults we will touch with this action of providing clean water!

Today, too many children suffer needlessly - walking miles for dirty water that makes them sick. You and I can change that! :)


Ephesians 3:20, Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ever ask, think or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.


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The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

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Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

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