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What's up class of 2019?

Are you all psyched to graduate and change the fun for employment insecurity? Me neither, but it is what it is.

At least we have some formal ceremony for our parents to congratulate 4 years of juggling loathing, deadlines and lovely memories: graduation.

But there is a catch (22 if you wish).

The university requires us to hire gows to enter, a ticket worth 45 quid. It is not a ton of money, especially after the tens of thousands of pounds most of us owe now. But brought together, taking in mind there will be 250 of us according to the Uni of Essex, the sum builds up to over 11 000 pounds, which could make a change.

Imagine how much uncle Charlie this is: Quora says 1/4 a kilo. But, Charlie is crazy destructive to the rainforest.

What we could do instead is show some rebellious spirit by giving the money for water to people, who could really use it, instead of paying for some Harry Potterish experience that would require washing of 250 Robes used by someone not woke enough.

A donation of 26 pounds provides lifetime clean water for a single person. If each of us makes a 40 pound pledge, instead of gown hire, we could ensure water for 375 people and grab some drinks for us and our guests.

I do understand that for many this is an important event, not only for you but also for your parents. Heck, my family is flying from the other end of Europe to see me at this conference wearing that robe, shake someone's hand and smile. But I will take a wild gamble and state something perverse: they might prefer see me stand for something meaningful.

So, dear classmates of 2019, I offer you this. If 69 (he he) people choose to donate 40 quid each for potable water instead of hiring gowns, I, Yasen Naydenov, in the spirit of the guy who crashed his Fiat at square 4, will call your name and shake your hand in front of your guests (and to the surprise of mine) , dressed as British PM Theresa May at the grass next to the lake.

Now is your opportunity to rebel, no to the bloody robes and give water to the people.


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