$3,225 Raised
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 95 people will receive water thanks to...
German Roosen$10.00
Mariela Perez$34.00
James Robertson$51.75
Roy Alexander$10.59
Emily Betteridge$35.29
Donna Burt$5.00
Elizabeth Leykum$20.00
Rafe Jones$35.29
Callum Grant$10.59
Sharon Mcaleese$5.45
Lisa Wheeler$10.00
Paul Hazard$10.00
Deanna Thompson$10.59
Leanne Kowis$35.29
Cathy Glaser$20.00
Isabelle Ramirez$20.00
Christopher Skerry$20.00
Sarah Scott$20.88
Fiona Bak$20.88
Erika Carvajal $20.88
Catherine Oropeza$20.88
Tamilla Alakbarova$20.00
Sofia Durham$34.00
Delali Bola-Sadipe$34.00
Smir Paris$35.29
Zara And Jasper Van Schalkwyk$34.00
Lucas Capovilla Borga Romano$34.00
Irina Pak$20.88
Allison Thurmond$140.25
Emily Graham$68.00
Laura Smith$20.88
Gemma Averette$34.00
Rajeev Samaroo$70.28
Katherine Wilson$31.17
Stefania Laronga$34.00
Linda Boutkan$15.00
Diana Silva$5.00
Dan Moore$34.00
Lindsey Stamper$35.29
Meera Patel$34.00
Dilan and Shan Patel$68.00
Katherine Olsen $34.00
Julie Koenig$35.29
Tracey Oliveira$26.03
Jaclyn Iwamoto$20.00
Larissa Medeiros$15.74
Anna Pittman$20.88
Shiva Pariag$35.29
Tala Shamsa-Gray$70.28
Anjum Jalil$50.00
Louise McMahon$68.00
Suzanne Manuel$35.29
Katharine Descamps$35.29
Maan Alfay$10.00
Svenja Karad$34.00
Marian Green$70.28
Kelly Healey$25.00
Julie Stewart$51.75
Adam Stewart$68.00
Samantha Smith$10.00
Marion Stewart$25.00
Janet Bridges$68.00
Topmark Realty Group$68.00
Justin Stewart$25.00
Steven Harp$34.00
Wayne Stewart$50.00
Gail McKeever$20.00

I hope you will consider joining me to fund a water project. With your support, we can help at least 285 people in Kaitabahuma! We can provide clean, safe and reliable water in the community Kaitabahuma in Uganda, Africa.

Right now, in Uganda, there are so many children, parents, and adults walking for hours on end, every day, all year long. If the water is not treated correctly, they can get severely sick. But with your help and support, you and I can change that.

Please make a donation and help me spread the word. We want to raise $1,050.00 to help lots of children and adults in Uganda, Africa. We need your help.

We are trying to raise some money to help them build a borehole well and a hand pump to get fresh water. I really want to make a difference in Kaitabahuma and I hope you want to also. We have to raise $20,000 dollars to complete the project. If we do raise all of that money and help them, it will change lots of different people's lives!

Donated $21.00 on 12/13/20
Wow, triple your goal. Everyone that donated is amazing.
Emily Betteridge
Donated $35.29 on 12/11/20
Amazing work Sami, well done for some fantastic fundraising
Donated $20.00 on 12/11/20
Congratulations on your initiative Samantha!
Rafe Jones
Donated $35.29 on 12/11/20
Extremely worthy cause!
Callum Grant
Donated $10.59 on 12/11/20
Well done on a fantastic initiative!
Sharon Mcaleese
Donated $5.45 on 12/11/20
From Jack in Year 5 at British School of Houston
Paul Hazard
Donated $10.00 on 12/11/20
A great cause - well done for organizing all of this Samantha!
Donated $5.45 on 12/11/20
I can't think of a better time of year to give and help to others. Thanks Samantha!
Christopher Skerry
Donated $20.00 on 12/11/20
Bravo, Samantha!
Sarah Scott
Donated $20.88 on 12/11/20
Well done Samantha! What a great project! You are an inspiration to us all.
Catherine Oropeza
Donated $20.88 on 12/11/20
Wonderful initiative!
Zara And Jasper Van Schalkwyk
Donated $34.00 on 12/11/20
Zara and Jasper van Schalkwyk
Irina Pak
Donated $20.88 on 12/11/20
Irina Pak
Donated $35.29 on 12/11/20
Dear all, hope you can get your Water Project going and be able to have fresh water as you need. With love, Eunice!
Allison Thurmond
Donated $140.25 on 12/11/20
Great cause!! Mia Thurmond
Emily Graham
Donated $68.00 on 12/11/20
Great initiative, for a great cause
Rajeev Samaroo
Donated $70.28 on 12/10/20
I am so happy about donating money to save the lives of others. Its phenomenal.
Donated $34.00 on 12/10/20
I hope the money everyone donates is enough to help a lot of lives! Tom CS
Stefania Laronga
Donated $34.00 on 12/10/20
Stefania Laronga
Julie Koenig
Donated $35.29 on 12/10/20
Kinsley & Kellen
Shiva Pariag
Donated $35.29 on 12/10/20
Kelly Healey
Donated $25.00 on 12/07/20
Good job Sami!!!
Julie Stewart
Donated $51.75 on 12/06/20
Great job Sami! I hope you reach your goal!
Janet Bridges
Donated $68.00 on 11/20/20
Such a great idea!!!
Topmark Realty Group
Donated $68.00 on 11/19/20
It's serving not settling that makes us alive!
Jeane Davis
Donated $68.00 on 11/13/20
Donated $103.20 on 11/12/20
So proud of you Sami.
Gail Mckeever
Donated $20.00 on 11/12/20
So proud of you Samantha.

The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

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Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!