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Abdul Aziz Akram Shakhashir$180.38
Mo Shah$169.00
Nael Rasamny$309.00
Kassem Bassatne$150.00
Baha Bassatne$300.00
S S A$1350.00
Max Or$100.00
Kassem Bassatne$500.00
Sean Tobias$206.11
Guy Belot $514.80
Nicholas Zafiriou$206.11
Mohamed Ahmed$136.00
Khaled Jalanbo$300.00
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Jad Shakhashir$68.00
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Levon Knadjian$136.00
Marc Or$55.00

I hope you'll consider joining me to fund a water project at Ivola Primary School. Your donation will be used to sponsor the Ivola Primary School water project in Kenya. Any gift amount is welcome and will help unlock potential is this community.

Founded in 1958 and sponsored by the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Church, Ivola Primary School has 365 students, 16 teachers, and yet no source of water on school grounds.

Each day, students are asked to carry water from home before arriving for their first lessons at 7:00 am. Then, as the day progresses and the water runs out, the pupils are sent home again during lunch and at any other time as needed to fetch more water. The students’ water is the only source for the entire school’s drinking, cooking, and cleaning needs, yet it is difficult to meet these needs when depending on such young children with small containers to carry enough water. Each walk with water not only takes away students’ precious learning time, but it often leaves them too tired to focus when they are in class. To both the students’ and teachers’ dismay, pupils’ academic success is declining accordingly.

Your donation will go towards building a 75,000-liter rainwater catchment tank that will help alleviate the water crisis at this school. The school will help collect the needed construction materials such as sand, bricks, rocks, and water for mixing cement. We will complement their materials by providing an expert team of artisans, tools, hardware, and the guttering system. Once finished, this tank will begin catching rainfall that will be used by the school’s students and staff for drinking, handwashing, cooking, cleaning, and much more.

We and the school strongly believe that all of these components will work together to improve standards at this school, which will help lead to better student academic performance and will help to unlock the potential for these students to live better, healthier lives.

Today, too many children suffer needlessly - walking miles for dirty water that makes them sick. You and I can change that. Please make a donation and then help me spread the word.

Please see a detailed description of the project below:


Kassem Bassatne
Donated $150.00 on 07/30/21
Congrats bro
Sean Tobias
Donated $206.11 on 05/27/21
Great initiative!
Nicholas Zafiriou
Donated $206.11 on 05/15/21
Khaled Jalanbo
Donated $300.00 on 05/13/21
From Jianne & Khaled
Lamise Ghalia
Donated $100.00 on 05/10/21
proud of you faisools
Marc Or
Donated $55.00 on 05/05/21
Good cause, well done

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