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Thomas Barnes$4498.00
Thomas Barnes$421.77
Tom Barnes$20.00
Liz Walsh$100.00
Heather McKay$16.77
Janet Han$34.00
David Beck$70.28
Meghan Kasten$10.00
Nancy Berge$34.00
Heather Weir$26.03
V&V Capuano$15.74
Jennifer Coffey$136.00
Wendy Robelo$10.00
Joseph Kirk$68.00
Barbara Zagrodnik$136.00
Lorie Lindenmuth$20.00
Judith Sherk$34.00
Cathys Speich-Ferguson$20.88
Tessie & Paul Behrens$500.00
Thea Becton$154.65
Kristina Peterson$136.00
Thomas Barnes$224.00
Qusai Poonawala$34.00
Randy Deltuva$35.29
Matthew Vetting$100.00
Tom Barnes$111.00
Glenn And LaVina Tyndall$68.00
Dave McGregor$200.00
Cindy And Ken Barnes$257.55
Dianne Landrum$136.00
Eloise Labram$103.20
Amanda Meister$68.00
Stephen Kalinock$70.28
Robert Eyler$70.28
Elizabeth Salinger$35.29
Gerritt Lang$68.00
Mandy Lloyd$70.28
Brenda Finkle$103.20
Valerie Wetstone$100.00
Freddie Gibson$136.00
Jennifer Fry$140.25
Larry & Cheryl Resch$70.28
Kristen Legge$34.00
Trista Plunkett$68.00
Barry Knight$20.00
Tom and Amy Barnes$1000.00

Julia learned at a Girl Scout event that there are people all over the world without access to clean, drinkable water. She also learned that much of the burden for collecting water falls on girls her own age, and she was moved to do something about it. She wants to raise enough money to build a well for a community in Africa. Julia wrote a book and has published it in the Amazon store to raise money for this fundraiser, but if you would like to contribute on top of that, feel free to donate here.

I hope you'll consider joining me to fund a water project. With your gifts and your help rallying support, we can provide clean, safe and reliable water to a community in Africa.

Thomas Barnes
Donated $4498.00 on 02/17/21
Congratulations Julia
Thomas Barnes
Donated $421.77 on 02/09/21
Julia's second round of book sales
Heather Mckay
Donated $16.77 on 01/31/21
Go Julia!
Janet Han
Donated $34.00 on 01/30/21
We support your effort and care - Aunt Janet & Uncle John
Nancy Berge
Donated $34.00 on 01/29/21
What a wonderful project you decided to assist with. Way to go Julia!
Heather Weir
Donated $26.03 on 01/29/21
Way to go Julia!
Wendy Robelo
Donated $10.00 on 01/19/21
Congratulations, Julia!
Barbara Zagrodnik
Donated $136.00 on 01/14/21
In memory of Cathy who was also a Girl Scout.
Lorie Lindenmuth
Donated $20.00 on 01/14/21
You rock Julia!
Judith Sherk
Donated $34.00 on 01/14/21
So glad you are doing this, Julia!
Cathys Speich-ferguson
Donated $20.88 on 01/14/21
Terrific job Julia! Thnak you for doing this. I am so glad you are a Girl Scout and are leaning about how to help others and our world through Girls
Donated $257.55 on 01/13/21
They are like a tree replanted by streams of water, which bears fruit at just the right time and whose leaves dont fade. Ps 1:3
Tessie & Paul Behrens
Donated $500.00 on 01/13/21
Way to go Julia!
Thea Becton
Donated $154.65 on 01/11/21
Continue to BE great, Julia! #TGBTG
Kristina Peterson
Donated $136.00 on 01/11/21
Blessing to you Julia-
Mary Hewlett
Donated $70.28 on 01/11/21
Thomas Barnes
Donated $224.00 on 12/29/20
Julia's initial royalties
Donated $136.00 on 12/18/20
Thank you for seeing a need and working towards a solution, Julia!
Randy Deltuva
Donated $35.29 on 12/16/20
Keep up the great work Julia!
Cindy And Ken Barnes
Donated $257.55 on 12/09/20
Julia, We are very proud of you, Grandma and Grandpa
Dianne Landrum
Donated $136.00 on 12/09/20
Great idea and very worthy effort. I will think of you when I take shorter showers! Adam L
Stephen Kalinock
Donated $70.28 on 12/08/20
Julia, think it's awesome that someone your age is doing so much for those who really need our help. The world needs more great kids like you!
Robert Eyler
Donated $70.28 on 12/08/20
Great job Julia! Change the world with one person at a time doing good things
Elizabeth Salinger
Donated $35.29 on 12/07/20
Proud to support a great cause and a strong young woman.
Mandy Lloyd
Donated $70.28 on 12/07/20
Way to go Julia! Putting your heartache in to action and changing the world!
Brenda Finkle
Donated $103.20 on 12/07/20
Julia, you are an inspiration!
Valerie Wetstone
Donated $100.00 on 12/07/20
One of my favorite songs is "If Not Me, Then Who" by Matthew West. Thank you Julia, for answering the call to action in the ame of Jesus.
Kristen Legge
Donated $34.00 on 12/05/20
Julia, we are so proud of your awesome commitment to this cause!
Donated $68.00 on 12/05/20
Way to go, Julia!!
Trista Plunkett
Donated $68.00 on 12/05/20
Julia, I am so proud of you for helping make the world a better place!
Barry Knight
Donated $20.00 on 12/05/20
What a great endeavor at such a young age.

The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

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How this works

Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!