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Alex’s Donors$60.00
Ralph Markham$34.00
Christine Armstrong$35.29
Ruth Markham$34.00
Camile Desharnais $75.00
Linda Markham$103.20
Bonnie Swaby$50.00
Sarah Johnston$20.00
Desharnais Family$100.00

*Edit: Because of COVID restrictions, we could not do the walk-a-thon on June 12. New date TBD soon.*
Did you know that today over 300 million people in Africa don’t have access to clean water? In school we read a book called “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park, which takes place in Sudan and is about two kids whose lives are dramatically affected by a lack of water. They are forced to find water to drink and to care for their crops and animals by walking over 8 km twice a day. This book inspired the idea of a walkathon to raise money for clean, safe water in Africa - a long walk FOR water. On June 12, we will we will be doing our long walk out at Birds Hill Park. Lack of access to water is a huge problem for many people, so please join us in being part of the solution by sponsoring our walkathon.

Alex’s Donors
Donated $60.00 on 07/02/21
Thanks to Nonie and Memere/Pepere for these donations!
Camile Desharnais
Donated $75.00 on 05/08/21
Were proud of you taking up this cause!
Linda Markham
Donated $103.20 on 05/02/21
I'm proud of your efforts to make change!
Bonnie Swaby
Donated $50.00 on 05/01/21
Way to go, Alex!!
Sarah Johnston
Donated $20.00 on 05/01/21
Good job!!!

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