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Hello, for my birthday this year I’m doing something a little different! I hope you'll consider joining me to fund a water project.

With my birthday coming up (July 23), I hope to use this month as a time to reflect on my past experiences, to set goals for myself and to try to understand what my purpose for my life is as of right now. Choosing to create a fundraiser for a cause that is so important to me seemed like the right way to kick off my birthday month!

As many of you may (or may not) know, in 2015 I began a fundraiser to fund a trip to Tanzania that has and will forever change my life and my perspectives of life. Tanzania has such a special place in my heart and I have been wishing for a chance to go back to continue working on the initiatives (such as education, water accessibility and community sustainability) that brought me to Tanzania in the first place. Unfortunately, the trip back is not going to be anytime soon, however, as a way to stay active in these causes I care so deeply for, I’ve decided to launch this water campaign.

Having the opportunity to participate in a water walk while in Tanzania was an eye opener for me, especially because I only went as far as 1/4 of the daily walk women make multiple times a day with their water jugs. Although water is a vital source of survival, prior to this trip, water wasn’t really my ideal drink to be honest, (ask my mom). But after experiencing the water walk, as well as learning and watching the water crisis unfold (not only in Tanzania, but everywhere else in the world), I have come to really understand how crucial water is for the survival of all life.

Why a water campaign for a community in sub-Sahara Africa? Well, the experience I had while in Tanzania is part of the reason why I chose this specific region/organization. I have so much love and respect for the people of Tanzania I had the pleasure of meeting as they welcomed us with big open arms, were the friendliest of people, fun, lively and all around filled with pure happiness. There was so much to learn from them that I will cherish and live by.
It is also shocking to learn that recent numbers show that although there has been a great increase in accessibility of improved water sources in Tanzania, still only 50% of the 53million population has access to these clean water sources, while 34% as access to improved sanitation. Seeing these numbers about a country that houses the greatest people I have ever come to meet makes me want to strive harder to bring change and make it possible for these populations to have easy, clean, improved accessibility to this vital basic human right. In Canada, we have been lucky to not experience inaccessibility to clean water and instead do take it for granted for the most part.

Through starting this water campaign, I not only want to acknowledge the water crisis in Tanzania and sub-Sahara Africa (which this campaign is dedicated to), but also the water crisis that we are seeing all over the world. We are abusing our access to water, through overusing our water sources or shamelessly wasting it, damaging our clean water ways through pollution, which is contributing to the death of our water species as well as other animals, which is contributing to global warming (aka the drying out of our earth AND ultimately our oceans, lakes and rivers). We can no longer afford to be careless with water on this earth and must take the action we are capable to try to reverse it.

If you agree with anything said above, please consider donating to my campaign, no amount is too big or too small, every bit truly does count. By donating, you will be part of creating vital change for a community in sub-Sahara Africa - access to a clean, reliable water source, as well as bringing awareness of a very real and current water crisis in our world.

If you are unable to donate, that is completely okay! Please consider liking and sharing my campaign instead - the more people we could reach/educate the better :)

Thank you in advance for all of your love and support, it will make the beginning of my 22nd year of life off to the greatest start.

Lots of love,



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