Help Fund a Water Project

Together, we can unlock potential in a developing community by providing clean, safe water.

At Riverhead Middle School we are reading A Long Walk to Water, an inspiring story about Salva Dut, a Lost Boy of Sudan, and his quest to not only survive, but to prevail against all odds. We learned about Nya, a young Sudanese girl, who could not go to school, but had to walk eight hours a day to fetch water for her family. We empathized with the struggles of both Nya and Salva, and celebrated their strength to survive. With this in mind, we have decided to help Salva and girls like Nya, by taking the Water Challenge. We vow to give up any beverage except water for two weeks to raise awareness about the importance of clean water, and we will be donating any money normally spent on beverages such as juice, ice tea, and soda to the Water Project to bring clean water to Sudan and other places in the world. Please help us reach our goal!

Who's Helping?

Will You Join Us in Giving Clean, Safe Water?
02/18/15Mindy Benze$33.00On Behalf of Bibi C, and Krista R.
02/17/15Offline Donations$195.22
02/11/15Mary Anne Turner$70.28From Jarell Ramsey and Family
02/09/15Mindy Benze$100.00On Behalf of: Adrianna, Anna, Jenn, Aljuan
02/09/15Mindy Benze$140.25On Behalf of: Madison K, Natalia, Jordan, Casey, K. Goodale, Angela, Kristina D, Jack, Sarah, Jazmine J, Eric L
02/09/15Mindy Benze$240.25On behalf of Rebecca B, Kiersten C, Delu R, Kayla, Lily, Grace, Max, Melanie, Cinthia, Mrs. Falisi, Juliana, Melanie V, Samantha, Madison G, Katie M, Kelvin J, Vincent, Ishana, Krystal, Ben, Chris J
02/07/15Michele Plitt$23.00From Kylie Plitt
02/06/15Mindy Benze$98.75On behalf of Tucker W, Robbie M, William S-B, Jordan C, Julia B, Zachary W, Abbie M, Madison P, Lucy R
02/05/15Alyson Grossman $34.00Great job RMS
02/05/15Mindy Benze$162.05On behalf of Aaron W, Keven P, Yakelin V, Kristy T, Emily A, Kurt M, Syndey Z, and Megan K.
02/05/15Samantha Elfers$51.00From Kimberly Elfers
02/04/15Lisa Olsen$35.29What a wonderful means to help raise awareness and to provide one of life's simple essentials.
02/04/15Mindy Benze$68.00With love from Mrs. Benze
02/03/15Paul Hewitt$34.00Thank You for taking the time support a great cause. Great job!
01/20/15Lorene Custer$23.00always so proud of Ms.Benze's ELA classes!

Why It Matters

Access to clean, safe water unlocks potential

Did you know nearly 1 billion people don't have safe water to drink?

Together, we can change that. Let's fund a new source of drinking water for those who suffer needlessly without it!

Our gifts will be used to construct or rehabilitate a water project, like a well or sand dam, in Africa. We'll see pictures, GPS coordinates, and updates as they come in from the actual water project we fund so we can celebrate the results along with the community we help.

About The Water Project

The Water Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world who suffer needlessly without.

Working with local partners in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Uganda, we build long lasting water projects that are organized, owned and managed by the communities receiving them.

Together, with our partners we identify, implement, report on and follow up on every project. Then we share the whole story with you to inspire confidence in the work being done and the impact it has.