Help Fund a Water Project

Together, we can unlock potential in a developing community by providing clean, safe water.

At the end of this summer I’ll be turning 13 and having my Bar Mitzvah. Part of that includes doing a “Mitzvah Project,” which is doing a good deed and helping people who face tough
challenges. For my project, I would like to focus on the need for clean water
that exists throughout the entire world. We are so lucky to live where
we do. Now that I’ve learned how critical the availability of clean water is,
every time I take a refreshing drink of water on the sideline or a long, hot
shower after a win or loss, I will realize how lucky I am. Instead of playing
sports or going to school, 12 and 13-year-old children in many countries spend
half of their day walking to get a small supply of water for their family.

 I decided to start the Seth Lewis Lucky 13 Water Project.
The goal of the campaign is to raise the awareness of my fellow 12 and
13-year-old peers and my community as a whole about the need for clean water
AND to raise the funds necessary to sponsor the development of a freshwater
well in Africa. 

 I play many sports, including Lacrosse. This Spring I want to get
the kids and families who participate in the local Fort Hunt LAX league
involved in the Lucky 13 Project. I am going to make the seven U13 Boy’s LAX
teams, totaling 138 players, key partners of the campaign. For the 2013 season, the better they do, the
greater the amount of money raised for clean water! I am
pledging the following donation from my Bar Mitzvah money

· $5 for every game during which a team
scoops 25 or more ground balls;

$2 for each win;

$1 per goal scored; and

I will double those amounts for all
playoff games!

My contribution alone will NOT be enough for the completion of a
freshwater well. I need your help! Please make a donation, small or large! Let’s
get fired up and win one for clean water!

Thanks, Seth

Who's Helping?

Will You Join Us in Giving Clean, Safe Water?
09/18/13Adriana Brodsky$46.00
09/07/13Katharine Belber$23.00
09/06/13Emma Auld$46.00Thank you so much for iviting me to your party. I hope this can help your cause. From Emma Auld
07/28/13Mark Lewis$115.00Seth congratulation on your sucessful project!
07/21/13Carol MacPherson$23.00Seth we all are honored by your kindness and to bring awareness to this urgent problem. I am a dear friend of your Aunt Hillary and am honored to be able to donate even a little.
07/17/13Bethel El Hebrew Congregation of Northern Virginia$975.00
07/12/13Seth Lewis$250.00T-shirt sales plant and pet sitting jobs!
07/06/13Barbara Gold$46.00Great project! Thank you for making us aware of how precious water is to all people - and that so many don't have what we take for granted - Bob and Barbara Gold
06/26/13Sharon Klein$23.00Looks like you are "well" on your way to your goal. Best to you, Seth
06/24/13Offline Donations$310.00
06/16/13Liam Johansson$46.00Way to go Seth! This is a great project. Johansson's
06/11/13Allan & Sandra Goldberg$46.00Good Luck on your project.
06/10/13Seth Lewis$16.00Fantastic season Fort Hunt! U13 boys had 33 wins, 365 goals, & 3 ground ball achievements! Based on these stats, I donated $500 to clean water! The Lucky13 Project has now reached 3/4 of its g
06/10/13Seth Lewis$400.00CLEANH20 T-Shirt sales! Now available in white, black, or neon pink!
06/09/13Lynn Taylor$46.00Great project! The Scheidt family, Olivia, Lynn and Doug
06/08/13Nancy/Jim Moore$46.00Your grandma told us about this. Good luck in completing your project.
06/05/13Seth Lewis$60.00Week 1 LAX Fort Hunt Playoff Results: We are counting on you B1! 28 goals and 1 win!
05/29/13Offline Donations$191.00
05/28/13Janice Kiernan$50.00Great work Seth!
05/28/13SHARON KLEIN$15.00wishing you the best as you work toward your goal.
05/23/13Seth Lewis$56.00Week 8 LAX Results: Way to finish the regular season strong Fort Hunt! 48 Goals and 4 wins!
05/19/13Marc Schulwolf$15.00
05/18/13Ross Hunt$40.00Great job Seth! The Hunt Family
05/17/13Katie Savage$100.00Great work Seth! We're happy to support you. The Savage Family - Katie, Mike, Mary Kate, Clare & Bridget
05/15/13Seth Lewis$51.00Week 7 LAX Results: Sweet week Fort Hunt! 45 Goals and 3 wins!
05/14/13Eleanor Whitaker$50.00This is terrific. Water is life.
05/14/13Seth Lewis$100.00100 thanks go out to Grandpa Leo and Grandma Allyne!
05/13/13Dana Jones$50.00Good work Seth.
05/13/13Brian Costanzo$10.00way to go!
05/08/13Dave Sadlier$25.00Thank you Seth for using our game in such a creative and positive way. Go Fort Hunt!
05/08/13Seth Lewis$48.00Week 6 LAX Results: Nice Job Fort Hunt! 42 Goals and 3 wins!
05/07/13Seth Lewis$150.00A big thanks to the Henry Family- Mike, Danyel, Makayla, and Caroline!
05/07/13Lester M. Schlanger$180.00
05/06/13Don Marlais$50.00Welcome to manhood!
05/05/13Collins Family$40.00Way to go Seth! You are doing a great thing.
04/30/13Seth Lewis$60.00Week 5 LAX Results: Lots of action this week Fort Hunt! 47 Goals, 1 Ground Ball Achievement, and 4 wins!
04/29/13DiZinno Family$65.00Great project, Seth! The DiZinno's have each donated $13 toward this worthwhile project. Joe, Jacki, Ali, Josh and Adam
04/28/13Anonymous Donor$100.00Glad to support this inspiring project, Seth!
04/25/13Trish Ryan$25.00
04/25/13Liz Chiaramonte$50.00So proud of your efforts, Seth. What a great cause!
04/24/13Seth Lewis$30.00Week 4 LAX Results: Solid week Fort Hunt! 24 goals and 3 wins!
04/22/13Laurel Heratsch$25.00
04/18/13James B. Rounds$100.00
04/17/13Seth Lewis$52.00Week 3 LAX Results: Keep it up Fort Hunt! 37 Goals, 1 Ground Ball Achievement, and 5 wins!
04/16/13Barbara Bar-Nissim$36.00I wish you 'well' with this project.
04/09/13Seth Lewis$64.00Week 2 LAX Results: Way to go Fort Hunt! 54 goals and 5 wins!
04/06/13Lauren Fellows$250.00Seth, we need more kids like you! Keep up the good work.
04/01/13Lore Brady$20.00Shea Brady
03/31/13Anonymous Donor$144.00Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute to your worthwhile project.
03/30/13Julie Rosenberg$25.00Mazel Tov! Great project idea.
03/29/13Seth Lewis$10.00This donation was made by Owen Enfield, an awesome 9-year-old! He learned about the clean water issue and wanted to help! Way to step up O!
03/27/13Lois Altz$200.00Seth, it's a pleasure to make a contribution to your worthy cause. We are proud of you! Lois Altz and Irving Starr
03/26/13Joyce Amdur$25.00grreat project seth
03/25/13Seth Lewis$63.00Week 1 LAX Results: Great start Funt Hunt! 48 Goals, 1 Ground Ball Achievement, and 5 wins!
03/24/13Debbie Katz$25.00Great cause! Mazel Tov in advance on your bar mitzvah. Debbie and Marc Katz
03/23/13The Fortsch Family$65.00Seth - you've chosen a very meaningful project that the 5 of us ($13 each) are proud to support. Best wishes - Mr. and Mrs. Fortsch, Lily, Eleanor, and Amelia
03/22/13Jennifer Reutershan$40.00You're a cool kid Seth Lewis. Great project! The Enfields
03/22/13Amy Jeff Liz. Ethan Brodie's $36.00Cool project!
03/22/13Darlene Ash$39.00In honor of the lucky 13, here is a donation from the 3 of us. You selected a great cause, Seth.
03/22/13David Dittman$100.00
03/22/13Hillary Rose$25.00Seith I am so proud of you aunite HIllary
03/21/13Darren Lowe$100.00Seth, thank you for including me in your pursuit of this worthy project. The responsible attitude you exhibit toward the larger community helps me to maintain my faith in humanity. Peace, Seth.
03/21/13The Thornburg's$50.00Very admirable cause, fantastic to see such inspiring leadership!
03/20/13Gil Lohora$25.00
03/18/13Rachel Teipe$20.00Seth, thanks for sharing your project with the Fort Hunt U13 Boys' teams. Good Luck towards your goal.
03/18/13Mark Brendle$25.00Very impressive work!!
03/15/13Tricia Moore$50.00Good luck Seth! Great cause for a great kid!
03/15/13Stephanie Falvey$25.00Good luck Seth! Go lax!
03/14/13Ken Brown$20.00I'm all about keepin' it clean, Seth.
03/14/13Joan Izzo$20.00Seth, you are the best!!!!! Congrats for a worthy project!
03/13/13Char & Don Wolf$120.00We are really proud of you. Good luck.
03/12/13Lina Martin$50.00
03/12/13Tamara Seal $100.00
03/12/13Norrie Kurtz$36.00What a wonderful project you've selected. We're all so proud of you. Mensch!!!
03/12/13Nancy Gorman$96.00What a wonderful tikkun olam project.
03/11/13Beth Davidovich$150.00Great project Seth! We love you!
03/11/13Thomas Comiskey$180.00go seth muriel and tom
03/10/13David Rivkin$120.00Seth, you are doing great work! I know that this is just the start to the contributions you will make to our world!
03/10/13Sandra Schlanger$120.00In loving honor of our grandson, Seth Lewis
03/09/13Seth Lewis$36.00I'd like to give a big thanks to Mr. Jeremiah Morris! He generously donated his time and skill to create my awesome Lucky 13 logo! I know the logo will inspire people to donate for clean water!
03/09/13Phil & Ilene Lewis$120.00We are so proud of you! We know you will work hard to meet your goal. Love, Mom and Dad

Why It Matters

Access to clean, safe water unlocks potential

Did you know nearly 1 billion people don't have safe water to drink?

Together, we can change that. Let's fund a new source of drinking water for those who suffer needlessly without it!

Our gifts will be used to construct or rehabilitate a water project, like a well or sand dam, in Africa. We'll see pictures, GPS coordinates, and updates as they come in from the actual water project we fund so we can celebrate the results along with the community we help.

About The Water Project

The Water Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world who suffer needlessly without.

Working with local partners in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, and Uganda, we build long lasting water projects that are organized, owned and managed by the communities receiving them.

Together, with our partners we identify, implement, report on and follow up on every project. Then we share the whole story with you to inspire confidence in the work being done and the impact it has.