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 362 people will receive water thanks to...
Marjorie Degeneve$400.00
Jeremie Weiss$136.00
Weiss Estelle$206.11
Vedat Barha$400.00
Nora Kanoui$700.00
Alexandre Axarlis$514.80
AM Tedeschi $250.00
Eric Mastantuono$250.00
Michel Sindelar$500.00
JAEGER DEGENEVE Arlette$1029.30
Julie Bugnone$206.11
Noelle Bazbaz$250.00
Noelle Bazbaz$68.00
May, Esfandiar & Soraya BAKHTIAR$1029.30
Robert Wortelboer$400.00
Roland Et JP Paupe Et Mur$257.55
Nicolas Weiss$140.25
Anonymous Donation$514.80

Dear Friends and Family members,

Our best gift is to be able to help others...

We hope you'll consider joining us to fund a water project. Our gifts and your help rallying support, we can provide clean, safe and reliable water to a community in Africa.

Today, too many children suffer needlessly - walking miles for dirty water that makes them sick. we can change that. Please make a donation instead of offering us gifts, as people are in real need of water in certain places in the world.

Your donations will be followed and in a close future we will send you which wells have been dug and how many people we have helped.

Love and Light,

Cynthia & Sultan

Donated $1000.00 on 09/28/17
Famile El-Fituri
Donated $700.00 on 09/24/17
Encore merci pour votre fabuleux mariage qui nous a fait rver avec vous Que du bonheur dans votre futur ensemble! David & Ocane
Marjorie Degeneve
Donated $400.00 on 09/21/17
Nous sommes trs heureux de participer ce projet qui apportera le sourire aux moins fortuns que nous. Encore un grand merci et bonheur vous. XXXX
Jeremie Weiss
Donated $136.00 on 09/21/17
May Our Lord Jesus keep blessings and flourish this gift for people who needs everything!
Weiss Estelle
Donated $206.11 on 09/21/17
May the Lord by is power bring clean and clear water. celui qui croit en moi, n'aura jamais soif
Vedat Barha
Donated $400.00 on 09/20/17
Wishing you both only the best..-Love
Nora Kanoui
Donated $700.00 on 09/15/17
Que votre vie soit l'image de votre magnifique mariage. Love Nora
Donated $1029.30 on 09/13/17
Tous nos voeux de bonheur et nos sincres flicitations. Famille Dabbah
Alexandre Axarlis
Donated $514.80 on 09/11/17
Am Tedeschi
Donated $250.00 on 09/06/17
Beautiful idea to give to the needy. Much love, AM
Jaeger Degeneve Arlette
Donated $1029.30 on 09/04/17
Avec toutes nos flicitations et nos voeux de bonheur pour la vie.
Donated $514.80 on 09/03/17
With love
Noelle Bazbaz
Donated $250.00 on 08/25/17
Suite des vux
Noelle Bazbaz
Donated $68.00 on 08/25/17
Je vous souhaite un merveilleux mariage et une vie pleine d'amour et de bonheur
Donated $350.16 on 08/25/17
What a nice way to celebrate your love by giving to unfortunate people on this planet. Warmest congratulations ! Sabine
May, Esfandiar & Soraya Bakhtiar
Donated $1029.30 on 08/25/17
Warmest congratulations. May, Esfandiar & Soraya BAKHTIAR
Roland Et Jp Paupe Et Mur
Donated $257.55 on 08/23/17
Super bonne ide, nous vous souhaitons que du bonheur

The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

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How this works

Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!