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 176 people will receive water thanks to...
Shai's FanClub$530.00
Myra and Barbara$36.32
The Swakemmo Veggie Stand$100.00
Jane Landry-Reyes$77.48
Charmina Parkes$103.20
Victoria Arico$34.00
Benjamin Geballe$150.36
Elizabeth Geballe$35.29
Welborn Cousins$68.00
Shai Geballe$184.00
Amy Gropp Forbes$500.00
Ronda Matthews$500.00
Corinne Geballe$68.00
Jennifer Welborn$34.00
Alyson Jackson$136.00
Greg, Josie, Marco & Mason Wold$100.00
Mariko Zapf$26.03
Tim Crawmer$100.00
Rimjhim Dey$103.20
Lemonade Stand - Paris and Shai$77.80
Ruchi Gupta $140.25
Ratna & Vivek Sarkar$136.00
Adam Geballe$103.20
Anita DInerstein$514.80
Zachary Geballe$140.25
Josh Geballe$500.00
Linda SAfron$68.00
Joy Fallek$36.00
Miriam Zahavy$35.29
Shelley Geballe$772.05
PS 321 Class 5-336$5.72
Samantha Geballe$70.28
Ben Geballe$514.80

I read a book called "A Long Walk to the Water." This really inspired me to help fundraise to help make a pump in a town in Africa that doesn't have one. I am going to raise as much money as possible to this cause. The towns in Africa need pumps because the nearest water supply is miles away, and the water is sometimes not drinkable.

please donate!

Shai's Fanclub
Donated $530.00 on 10/20/17
To Shai for his birthday from Manna, Grandpa, Uncle Danny and Aunt Linda. Congrats on reaching your goal!! Much love
The Swakemmo Veggie Stand
Donated $100.00 on 08/23/17
From the SWAKEMMO veggie stand
Jane Landry-reyes
Donated $77.48 on 08/23/17
Happy to support this important fundraiser. Good luck Shai!
Charmina Parkes
Donated $103.20 on 07/21/17
Shai I am so proud of you for making a difference.
Victoria Arico
Donated $34.00 on 07/01/17
Thank you for doing this wonderful thing!
Benjamin Geballe
Donated $150.36 on 06/28/17
this is what 5-336 donated to the water project
Welborn Cousins
Donated $68.00 on 06/27/17
Shai, you are inspirational!
Shai Geballe
Donated $184.00 on 06/18/17
From Shai Geballe
Amy Gropp Forbes
Donated $500.00 on 06/18/17
Thank you, Ronda, for creating such an inspiring classroom for our kids. Thank you, Shai, for taking action!
Ronda Matthews
Donated $500.00 on 06/18/17
Thanks to the generous families of 5-336 I'm honored to donate $500 to this fund! I'm so excited to reconnect with all of you when the well is built!
Jennifer Welborn
Donated $34.00 on 06/13/17
You are inspirational, Shai!
Alyson Jackson
Donated $136.00 on 06/13/17
This is so great!! From Lila and family
Greg, Josie, Marco & Mason Wold
Donated $100.00 on 06/12/17
In behalf of Greg, Josie, Marco & Mason Wold
Mariko Zapf
Donated $26.03 on 06/12/17
Delling was to impressed with Shai and this project that he donated $25 and I am honored to match his donation for this wonderful endeavor!!!
Tim Crawmer
Donated $100.00 on 06/12/17
Well done sponsoring this cause!
Rimjhim Dey
Donated $103.20 on 06/12/17
Way to go Rania and Shai - I grew up in a desert and understand first hand the importance of your efforts. Proud of both of you!
Lemonade Stand - Paris And Shai
Donated $77.80 on 06/11/17
lemonade stand
Ruchi Gupta
Donated $140.25 on 06/11/17
Prayers in memory of my parents
Ratna & Vivek Sarkar
Donated $136.00 on 06/11/17
Thank you, Rania. Hope you are wildly successful!
Anita Dinerstein
Donated $514.80 on 06/11/17
You rock Shai
Josh Geballe
Donated $500.00 on 06/11/17
Shai - thank you for bringing this great organization to our attention, great job! Guilford Geballe
Joy Fallek
Donated $36.00 on 06/08/17
Wonderful idea Shai!
Miriam Zahavy
Donated $35.29 on 06/07/17
Shai - What a great idea. We have also worked with this organization through our synagogue: http://ugandanwaterproject.com/
Shelley Geballe
Donated $772.05 on 06/07/17
Go Shai!
Ps 321 Class 5-336
Donated $5.72 on 06/07/17
Class 5-336 6/7/2017

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