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I go to the kitchen sink and I turn the faucet on, water comes out and fills my glass, I drink it without hesitation or thought, its clean and its always been that way. I am sure you all have had the same experience. That easy access to clean water is something many in this world can't even comprehend.

Changing gears a bit, last year Americans spent close to $1,000,000,000,000 on Christmas. Take a moment and let that sink it, thats $1000 billion dollars. Thats a million times a million. I am pretty sure most of us can not understand that number (I had to google it twice and count the zeros 3 times before I could type it correctly).

Here is something to comprehend, it would cost only $10 Billion (thats 1/100th of what we spend on an American Christmas!) to provide clean water to all those in the world that currently don't have clean water. And the real bummer is that those most affected by dirty water are kids, for one they are typically the ones fetching the water and two they are the ones that are mainly dying from dirty water.

Now that you are sufficiently bummed out and would rather stop reading Derin's rant, consider for a moment what if we as Americans decided to spend less on Christmas and more on clean drinking water for our brothers and sisters in Africa? What if we provided clean water for a whole community this Christmas?! What if millions of our fellow Americans decided to do the same, would Christmas change? Hell ya it would change, it would change us and them. Lets love on Africa this Christmas by protecting a stream or building a new well.

Here's whats needed - $4,000 is enough to protect a spring so that it remains clean and reliable for a community in Africa, $8000 can provide a new well. All I ask is that you consider it, I know there is a lot of bad news everyday we hear about, lets be the bearer of the good news, Clean Water For All!

If you feel like it pass this onto your friends and family, I put a fundraising goal of $4,000 but heck whats really stopping it from being $4,000,000, all it is 3 more zeros!



Alan Rutherford
Donated $100.00 on 12/26/18
We know you've already met your goal and we're a little late to the party, but we wanted to support your campaign. Love to you all!
John Macy
Donated $140.25 on 12/19/18
Thanks for letting us be part of "being the change"!
Donated $20.00 on 12/17/18
We love you guys and that love that you have a kingdom perspective in that "we are blessed so that we may be a blessing to others".
Donated $309.00 on 12/14/18
You're right; we take water for granted.
Austin Walker
Donated $140.25 on 12/13/18
Love this!
Donated $140.25 on 12/13/18
Thanks for organizing!
Dee Williams
Donated $500.00 on 12/10/18
Thank you for including us!
Garett Heitman
Donated $68.00 on 12/10/18
You rock Derin!
Kelley Harris
Donated $500.00 on 12/10/18
Thanks for doing this Derin.

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