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 312 people will receive water thanks to...
Bridget Shields$34.00
Chris Bednarik$41.46
Bridget Shields$50.00
BZ Roberts$514.80
Perrie Dawson$35.29
Erica Shapiro$10.00
Bridget Shields $40.00
Bridget Shields$40.00
J. Peter Putze$100.00
Isla and Ember - Wedding Bands$7.50
Bridget Shields $50.00
Betty Zane Roberts$206.11
J. Peter Putze$100.00
Reinhardt Chiropractic$50.00
Bridget Shields$20.00
Bridget Shields$100.00
In memory of Anne McLeod Bogle and Chester V Bogle Jr.$5000.00
Bridget Hulse$50.00
Patti Fatheree$514.80
Janie Tillman$51.75
Dee Dee Stafford$68.00
Ryan McFarren$25.00
Ellen Parker$34.00
Michele Lambert$34.00
Bridget Shields$80.00
Offline Donations $200.00
Bridget Hulse$35.29
Andrea Gordon$35.29
BZ & Weldon Roberts$50.00
Grace Mae $20.00
Zane Hinten$34.00
Adam Bogle$50.00
Timothy Mcnear$68.00
Jennifer Wright$34.00
Bob And Sally Shields$50.00
Sam Millard$35.29
Mr. and Mrs. Cavett Cooper $100.00
Bridget Hulse$100.00
Sara-Lou Klein$10.59
Lydia L Wilson$20.00
Michele Lambert $68.00
Leslie Thomas$50.00
Perrie Dawson$34.00
Deborah Hulse$34.00
Rob Hulse$200.00
Ben Welshons$500.00
Spencer Bogle$68.00
Lewis Dean Bogle$514.80
Colin Hulse$51.75

Hi. This is Colin. I have noticed how many people in Africa have gotten sick or died from dirty water and I want to help provide clean water for those who need it. Any amount you can donate will help.

I hope you'll consider joining me to fund a water project. With your gifts and your help rallying support, we can provide clean, safe and reliable water to a community in Africa.

Today, too many children suffer needlessly - walking miles for dirty water that makes them sick. You and I can change that. Please make a donation and then help me spread the word.

Thank you so much for helping to save lives!

Colin Hulse

Bz Roberts
Donated $514.80 on 12/06/20
Colin, you are an extraordinary young man! God bless you and your family!
Perrie Dawson
Donated $35.29 on 12/05/20
Thank you for your deep desire to help others and your empathy.
Bridget Shields
Donated $40.00 on 08/05/20
Bridget Shields
Donated $40.00 on 05/11/20
Reinhardt Chiropractic
Isla And Ember - Wedding Bands
Donated $7.50 on 01/03/20
In Honor of Bridget Shields
Bridget Shields
Donated $50.00 on 12/23/19
Im so proud of you!
Donated $55.00 on 12/23/19
Reinhardt chiropractic
Betty Zane Roberts
Donated $206.11 on 12/02/19
Keep up the good work Colin!
Donated $100.00 on 06/28/19
Reinhardt Chiropractic Patient donations
Reinhardt Chiropractic
Donated $50.00 on 06/01/19
Money raised from Reinhardt Chiropractic
Donated $50.00 on 01/02/19
Donated by Colin Hulse
Bridget Shields
Donated $100.00 on 12/30/18
Merry Christmas Colin!
Bridget Hulse
Donated $50.00 on 08/26/18
Donation for Colin's 10th birthday!
Patti Fatheree
Donated $514.80 on 05/10/18
Way to go Colin! Good job. You have a great heart!
Janie Tillman
Donated $51.75 on 05/09/18
Im pleased to share in your admirable goal!
Donated $20.00 on 02/22/18
You're doing a great thing! Keep it up! Amy Casey
Donated $40.00 on 02/20/18
Aunt Melanie, Uncle Tommy and Bubbe
Ryan Mcfarren
Donated $25.00 on 01/11/18
Good luck!
Ellen Parker
Donated $34.00 on 01/08/18
Thank you Colin for your loving heart!
Michele Lambert
Donated $34.00 on 01/07/18
Thank you for your dedication to helping others...I love your spirit!
Bridget Shields
Donated $80.00 on 01/06/18
Christmas money from Colin, Gavin and Declan
Donated $500.00 on 12/31/17
Colin - I think this is real cool. Keep up the hard work. - Margo Dresden
Bridget Hulse
Donated $35.29 on 12/20/17
We love you and we are so proud of you and your constant desire to help others. You are an inspiration! Love Mom and Dan (bonus Dad)
Bz & Weldon Roberts
Donated $50.00 on 12/20/17
So proud of you Colin! Love you!
Adam Bogle
Donated $50.00 on 12/19/17
This is a contribution from your cousin Adam for your fundraising campaign. He wants to tell you Good Job for doing this!
Bob And Sally Shields
Donated $50.00 on 10/24/17
Great job Colin! You're doing a wonderful thing! Love, Grampa Bob and Sally
Sam Millard
Donated $35.29 on 10/18/17
I think it is really cool that you are doing this. Hope you raise 12,000! -Sam
Bridget Hulse
Donated $100.00 on 09/19/17
Colin, your heart for other people amazes me daily! I am so proud of you for doing this and for using your own money to help others too! Love Mom
Sara-lou Klein
Donated $10.59 on 09/18/17
You're doing a great thing, Colin!
Michele Lambert
Donated $68.00 on 09/16/17
Thank you for heading up this project and giving us the opportunity to help, Colin!
Leslie Thomas
Donated $50.00 on 09/16/17
Way to go Colin! We love you.
Perrie Dawson
Donated $34.00 on 09/15/17
Great cause, keep up the love and caring for others
Rob Hulse
Donated $200.00 on 09/15/17
Love you Colin. Great Job
Ben Welshons
Donated $500.00 on 09/15/17
You go Colin!! Barb and Ben
Donated $40.00 on 09/14/17
$20 from Dan Shields and $20 more from Colin!
Spencer Bogle
Donated $68.00 on 09/13/17
So excited that you are doing this Colin! Way to go!
Lewis Dean Bogle
Donated $514.80 on 09/12/17
Great idea Colin! I hope this helps.

The Water Project is a U.S.-based charitable organization unlocking human potential by providing clean, safe water to communities around the world.

Read More About The Work

How this works

Dirty water impacts health, education, women, and income. Providing a reliable and safe water source allows communities to thrive.

The Water Project provides access to safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa. Together, our support can end the water crisis and restore hope, one community at a time.

The coolest part? We'll all get to see our impact! Every gift is directly linked to a specific water project and community. We'll receive updates including photos and stories, maps and more!

Lives change when communities gain access to clean water. Let's experience it together. Make a donation to my fundraising campaign today!