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Water Scarcity In Africa!

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There is a big issue going on right now and for the past 13 year.
In Africa over 300 million people suffer from water scarcity. This is mainly because a change in the climate. Because of the climate change the temperature rose so the ground became very dry and the lakes shrunk. The Lake Chad, a well known lake in Africa has shrunk 10% of its former volume. In Africa it is on average 40 degrees Celsius so you lose a lot of water because of sweating. When you want to add water that you lost because of the sweating you need to drink water. But without clean water you can’t add that water that you lost so you can dry out.


We have chosen this problem because having no water is serious. you can only survive 3 - 5 days without water. That is why this problem really is serious because dirty water really can damage the health of the people in Africa. From dirty drinkwater, the chances are really big you get diarrhea and you need to pee and poo all the time. Because of the people need to poop all the time they do it everywhere. So that is also bad for the people's health if there is poop and pee everywhere. So, the people in Africa need more and cleaner water so that is why we are starting this fundraising. We think this subject doesn’t get the attention it needs to get. Our idea is to create a fundraising on the site Thewaterproject.org. We did this because people from all the world can donate just small amounts of money one time or they have the option to donate monthly. You can choose which budget you want to donate one time or monthly by yourself. A fundraise is the perfect idea for a problem as big as this is. We are going to advertise our fundraise with an ad on television in between a big sports game so many people are watching. Also, we are going to make poster we put on the big advertisement poles besides the highways. We need around the budget of 1,000,000 dollars to fix the water scarcity in Africa. So with the fundraise and advertisement we hope we are going to get this number of budget. Because this problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible.



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