Maybe giving clean water to someone in need has taught you the impact your generosity can have on someone’s life and you want someone around you to experience that same joy.

Maybe you’ve got an occasion to buy for - and you want to give a gift that gives life and makes the world a better place.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

Giving the best gift in the best way has never been easier:

It’s easy:
    Buy the only eGift card that gives clean water - improving the health, education, and prosperity of an entire community or school.
  • SEND
    Send it (or make it even easier on yourself and let us do that for you) to your lovely giftee and wait for their gratitude to roll in!
    They’ll be presented with and learn about 3 communities and schools desperately needing clean water. Then, they’ll choose the one they will help (thanks to you!).

And here’s the best part: Seeing is believing! Once your recipient redeems your card, we’ll show them exactly when and how the community or school they chose received clean water. Imagine it. Photos of celebration, stories of gratitude, and proof of the world being made better!

They’ll think of you and your generosity with each update!