New Well In Kadamankulam, India

Water Well in IndiaNew well in India.

Water from the new wellWater from the new well

Clean Water for a community in Kadamankulam, India

This brand new well was completed in July 2008 and serves over 1,000 people in Kadamankulam, Srivilliputhur Taluk, Virudhunagar Dist ,Tamilnadu, India.

It was sponsored through The Water Project, Inc. by a family in memorial to their Aunt and Uncle.

Upon completion of the well, it was said that "the people and children were in great joy on seeing the water and thrilled to testify that they were blessed by the wonderful support of The Water Project, Inc. & Thirst Relief... their need for drinking water was solved by this well of blessing and they will owe to the work of The Water Project, Inc., Thirst Relief and SWAP Trust"

You can read the Full Report (.pdf) here.

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“At first it made me really sad to see kids in Africa without water. I wanted to help the kids in Africa because I don't like it when kids suffer around the world and know they are all sad with thirst.”

- Lourdes, 6th grade

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