Kakalya Water Project

Type: Weir (sand-dam)
Expected capacity: 2 million liters

Beneficiaries: 2,000 people

Description of Area: The Kakalya Water Project is located in Kakalya village, Kalama location, Kalama Division, Machakos District of Eastern Province. Kakalya market is shared by both Kalama and Mbooni divisions. It is 40 kms South East of Machakos on the Machakos - Kikima road. The area is located in the valley at the foot of Mbooni and Kalama hills. The soils in the area are red volcanic and loamy soils and some parts have gravel/small rocks.

Total Cost: $5,300 plus the local community's contribution.

Sponsor: Private individual through TheWaterProject.org.

Status: Completed

This report recently came in from the field...

"During the last rain season, the area received a good amount of rainfall and is expecting a good harvest this season. The area is endowed with many seasonal rivers but measures have not been put in place to harvest the rain water and therefore, it flows away leaving the area dry even after good rainfall is received. Among the major problems that face the local community are water, drought and unemployment. During the dry spells when water and food are in short supply, the residents are forced to employ coping strategies such as charcoal burning, skipping meals, fetch and sell water, treat seeds with kerosene so that they are not eaten and rope and basket making. During these times the residents are forced to cover long distances in search of water for domestic, livestock and agricultural purposes. "