Nzatani Water Project: Complete!

Project Details:
Type: Water Tank
Size: 22ft diameter by 10ft Height
Capacity: 100,000 litres.

Beneficiaries: 600 people (100 men, 150 women, 350 youth and children)

Description of Area: Nzatani Sub-location is in Migwani Division, Mwingi District in the Eastern Province of Kenya. It is 150 kms North-East of Machakos town. The entire Mwingi district is categorized as an Arid and Semi-arid Area (ASAL) and is characterized by rocky and rugged terrain. Most of the inhabitants in the district are peasant farmers rely on maize and beans for their subsistence.

Total Cost: $6,000 plus the local community's contribution.

Sponsor: donors, Main Street Baptist Church and the StandingStrong Youth

Status: Completed

The water tank at Nzatani was dedicated and officially opened on May 17, 2008. Community leaders and those who'll benefit from this tank turned out to thank Main Street Baptist Church and the many donors to The Water Project who made this day possible.

During the ceremony many community members spoke of the difference this water tank will make as it provides clean, safe water to hundreds during the long dry season.

Previous Updates:
Project Update - October 2007
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“At first it made me really sad to see kids in Africa without water. I wanted to help the kids in Africa because I don't like it when kids suffer around the world and know they are all sad with thirst.”

- Lourdes, 6th grade

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