Nzatani Water Project Update

Project Overview
Project Update - October 2007
Where It Is

Water tank construction in Nzatani for The Water Project. Donors to the Nzatani Project are celebrating with the team and community in Kenya. They are nearing completion of the water tank and collection systems that were funded by in co-operation with the StandingStrong Youth Group in Saint John, NB Canada!

Together we raised over $6,000 to fund this project and we're happy to see that it should be ready for the coming rainy season in Nzatani.

Women assisting in clean water project. This report recently came in from the field...

"The area is experiencing the hottest month and water has been a very scarce resource. Water for the construction of the water project is a big challenge since the community has to walk over 3km to get it ... they take a lot of time to draw the water.

The community is much mobilized and has collected all the local material required - sand, gravel, water and unskilled labour. This has facilitated the easy construction of the tank. At the moment the tank is on the roofing stage.

The community is very eager to finalize the tank by the end of the month [October 2007] in readiness for the short rains. "