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Kakima B Water Project Complete
04/15/2015: Kakima B Water Project Complete
We know you have been waiting quite some time for news about the project for Kakima B in Kenya.  We are excited to report that all the construction for this project is completed.  The sand dam is finished and has already gathered water from the seasonal rains.  The shallow well is complete and is providing clean water for the community.  Ter...(see the project)

Mutomo Community Water Project Complete!
12/12/2014: Mutomo Community Water Project Complete!
Mutomo Community, Kenya, now has a new source of water thanks to your donation. Thanks to their already-mature sand dam at the river channel, Mutomo Community now has a source of safe and clean water for drinking and other household purposes. "My living standards have really improved thanks to this waterpoint," said the community's pastor, Jackson...(see the project)

New Pictures From Kakima B
12/09/2014: New Pictures From Kakima B
Just a quick note to let you know we just posted some new pictures of the finished sand dam in Kakima B.  The shallow well is in process.  We'll let you know as soon as we receive any more information.Thank you for caring for those without clean water!...(see the project)

Kakima B Project Well Underway
09/29/2014: Kakima B Project Well Underway
We are excited to announce that a project to bring clean water to Kakima B in Kenya is already well underway.  The full project includes the construction of a sand dam, the construction of a shallow well, and training in proper sanitation and hygiene.  We are happy to report that the sand dam is already finished.  This dam will help trap rain...(see the project)

Targin Community Project Complete
07/01/2014: Targin Community Project Complete
We are excited to report that a water project in Targrin, Sierra Leone, is complete.  A broken well has been repaired so that it is a dependable source of safe, clean water, and the community has received training in sanitation and hygiene.  Together, these resources will go a long way toward stopping the spread of disease within the community...(see the project)