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Mituvu Secondary School Project Underway
10/05/2015: Mituvu Secondary School Project Underway
We are excited to announce that Mituvu Secondary School in Kenya will soon have a new source of safe, clean water. A new rainwater harvesting tank is being constructed to store water through the dry season to help ensure the students always have the water they need. The school and community will also receive training in sanitation and hygiene. Toge...(see the project)

Susu Gospel Primary School Project Complete
09/24/2015: Susu Gospel Primary School Project Complete
Please note (10/9/2015): This is a repeat update. The previous email did not get to everyone.  Sorry about that! We are excited to report that the water project at Susu Gospel Primary School is now complete. Earlier we told you the water point had been constructed. Our partner has now had the chance to go back to the school after it opened at the...(see the project)

Thombo Lol Project Is Complete
09/03/2015: Thombo Lol Project Is Complete
We are very excited to let you know that, having completed multiple training sessions with the community, the water project to rehabilitate a well for Thombo Lol community in Sierra Leone is now complete. We just updated the project page with new information about the training and new pictures of the community. Imagine the impact this will...(see the project)

Nyakatiti Kalwala Project Complete
07/28/2015: Nyakatiti Kalwala Project Complete
We are very happy to report that, thanks to your willingness to help, the village of Nyakatiti Kalwala in Uganda has a new source of safe, clean water! A new hand-dug well has been constructed and the community has been trained in sanitation and hygiene. Together these resources will go a long way toward stopping the spread of disease in the are...(see the project)

Nappier Grass
04/22/2015: Nappier Grass
Just a quick note to pass along some interesting information about the sand dam and shallow well project at Kakima B in Kenya.  In some of the more recent pictures from the project, you can see community members digging trenches near the dam and along the sides of the river.  We asked our partner in the field about these pictures, and this is ...(see the project)