Evaporation Experiment - All Dried Up

Get two dishes. Put about 10 ml (two teaspoons) of water in each dish. Place one dish in the sunlight, or if the sun isn't shining, place the dish under and close to a light source. Place the other dish in the shade. Observe each dish every 4 hours, then overnight and record what happens to the water.

On the same sheet of paper as above, answer these questions with a partner.

  • Where did the water go?
  • From which dish did the water disappear faster?
  • What caused the water to disappear?

The process of water "going" into the air is called evaporation. On your paper list some other examples of evaporation. Discuss with your partner what happens to water after it evaporates. Write down what you think.

This experiment adapted from resources provided at http://www-k12.atmos.washington.edu/k12/pilot/water_cycle/evaporation.html

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