Water Related Documentaries

Flow: For Love of Water

Flow: For the Love of Water � informative look at the war between public health and private water interests

Water- The Great Mystery

Water: The Great Mystery � Explores the inspiration and miracle of water around the world.

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Blue Gold: World Water Wars � Looks at the current disputes and competition between private interests, corporations and governments over water

2008 Global Conference: Water: The Global Battle for the World's Most Precious Resource

2008 Global Conference: Water: The Global Battle for The World�s Most Precious Resource � panel explores sustainability solutions focusing on the growing need for water, particularly in terms of population growth and other future indicators

EARTH AID: Water Conservation

Earth Aid: Water Conservation - The amount of water on Earth available for use remains the same even as the amount of people on the planet continues to grow, a problem with the increase of pollution and other contaminants

Panihari: The Water Women of India

Panihari: The Water Women of India � explores the complexity of life for women who are water gatherers in India

Standard Deviants School - Human Nutrition, Program 8 - Water (Classroom Edition)

Standard Deviants: Human Nutrition: Water � middle and high-school appropriate video about the nutrition qualities of water

Modern Marvels: Water

Modern Marvels: Water � gauging use of technology for increasing water.

Battle for the Klamath

Battle for the Klamath � struggle over water and salmon in the western U.S.

Clean Water, Common Ground

Clean Water: Common Ground � about our everyday contribution to pollution


Science World: Water Harvesting, 1979 � a historical look at increasing water in the western U.S.

Classic Pollution Films DVD: 1930's - 1970's Water, Land & Air Pollution Films Including Environmental, Soil Erosion, Groundwater, Trash, and Industrial & Factory Pollution History Pictures Films

Classic Pollution Films: 1930s-1970s � a compilation of short films on various types of environmental pollution, including water.

Conservation: Water, Water

Conservation: Water, Water � explores historical and future implications of water scarcity

Running Dry

Running Dry � looks at current water crisis in Kenya

Standard Deviants School Geology Module 6: Water in Geology

Standard Deviants: Geology: Water in Geology � looks at rivers, fresh water and role of water on a middle and high school level

Drowned Out

Drowned Out � documents struggle to save native land in India

Planet Earth / Blue Planet: Seas of Life: DVD Cover

Planet Earth: Blue Planet: Seas of Life � evolution of world�s oceans, food chains, underwater images of seas and creatures

Renovation Nation: Save Water Save Money: DVD Cover

Renovation Nation: Learn How to Save Water, Save Money � sustainable �green� solutions for buildings and homes

Planet Earth 1: Pole To Pole & Mountains & Water: DVD Cover

Planet Earth: From Pole to Pole, Mountains & Fresh Water � a look at the water cycle and where fresh water comes from

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