The Water Challenge Fundraiser Kit

Everything you need to change your world... and give clean water.
Leader's Guide
What you need to know, do and say. Yup...It's that easy.

The Water Challenge Kit

We've put together a kit with everything you'll need to get started. It's got an introduction you can share with a teacher or administrator, a letter for parents, and even has a script you can use to explain the project to a group! The checklists will make sure you don't miss any of the easy steps.

Grab it and get started!

Download the Leader's Guide (PDF)
Full Color Handouts
These are great resources to help explain the crisis and the solutions.

The Water Project Handouts

One of the most important parts of your Water Challenge will be telling the story of water. We've made that easy too.

This great pack of full-color handouts will help you spread the word.

Download Handouts (PDF)

You know...old school. Tape 'em up in the hall.

Three sets of posters! Ready to print whenever you are.

The Water Challenge Poster

The Promise Card
Here's how participants make the promise to take The Water Challenge.

Show how the savings can add up. Then, each participant will make a promise to give it their all. Once they do, they can trade in the card for a wristband to show their support and remind them about their commitment.

The Promise Card Pack has versions for children, teens and adults.

Sign Up for Free Wristbands
Everyone can show their support and be reminded of their commitment!

Once you've decided you want to participate, we'd love to send wristbands for everyone who is committed to "Take the Challenge" to wear throughout the event. They're free for you, but not cheap, so please only order what you need for committed participants. For some groups that might be 50, for others 500.

We'll also include a couple other items in your registration kit to help out.

Here's some more things you might find useful

A few optional tools...

  1. Label Pack (Avery #5263)
  2. Sticker Pack (MS Word) (Avery #8293)
  3. Bulletin Inserts / Handouts
    • Coming Soon...

Next Step...

Now that you've got what you need, it's time to watch/download the videos.

Watch/Download the Videos

Very special thanks to Brenda Koinis and "The H20 Project" for their support of our efforts. This fundraiser was originally conceived by them and they have graciously donated the idea and materials to us for our work. It's another great example of why partnerships matter!