New Video Posted – Please Share!

Have we ever said how much we love the guys over at  They hooked us up!  Their awesome tools help us make great videos.

Check out the latest…we’re getting the DVD version ready for download soon.  Then you can use it to get others involved too.

Please tell us what you think!!

Then grab the YouTube Version here and post it everywhere.

Give Water. Change Everything.

the ‘Verve’ takes The Challenge

waterprojectlargeCheck out what this college ministry is up to in Indiana.

Excerpt from their site…

So, we have an opportunity to do something about this by joining with those who do not have access to clean water and bringing attention to their plight by drinking only water for 2 weeks starting March 23rd. We will join with college-age young adults all over Southern Indiana and drink nothing but water!! (more…)

Park Springs Elementary Walks for Water

Mrs. Sheib's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Sheib's 5th Grade Class

We just got this great update from a school in Florida that decided to make a huge difference!!

Check it out…

After researching on The Water Project Site with my class, we decided that we wanted to raise money for this important cause. (more…)

New Well in India: Thideerkuppam – Updated

Boys check out the new well

Boys check out the new well

Thideerkuppam, Kallakkudi

UPDATE (3/19/2009): This location was actually home to 2 new wells.  The area is densely populated.  From their visit at the dedication, our partner reported…

The project was located next to a new building which was undergoing construction.  The evening was approaching and the scene was quite festive.  (more…)