Park Springs Elementary Walks for Water

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Mrs. Sheib's 5th Grade Class

Mrs. Sheib's 5th Grade Class

We just got this great update from a school in Florida that decided to make a huge difference!!

Check it out…

After researching on The Water Project Site with my class, we decided that we wanted to raise money for this important cause.

The students decided we needed to educated all the students in our school about this issue and also raise money for the cause. The class come up with a project they called, “Walk to Africa Week.”

Our class broke up into teams and each team had responsibilities associated with the project. The teams each created a commercial, explaining the issues associated with unclean water, and to advertise our Walk Week. They put these commericials on the morning announcements each day for two weeks.

Walk to Africa Event

Walk to Africa Event

One team developed a Sponsor Form and another a flyer advertising the event. They passed out the flyers and sponsor sheets to each student in the school so that the students could get sponsored for walking in our Walk to Africa Week event. The goal was for students to get sponsored to virtually walk to Africa to bring clean water there. We set up an area outside that was a mile so that teachers could take their classes out sometime during the week to walk.

Our week was a huge success, many students walked and got sposonsored, and we raised $700 for this awesome cause!

Sabrina Sheib
Park Springs Elementary
Fifth Grade Teacher
Gifted Program Coordinator

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