Clean Water Flows at Eburenga

Water Flows in Eburenga

Water Flows in Eburenga

Water is Flowing at the Eburenga School

The new well project started a few weeks ago at the Eburenga school in Western Kenya is now complete.  There is clean and safe water now flowing to hundreds of students and the surrounding community.

Who Helped:

Individual donors to the “Wells for Schools: Kenya” program between June and July 2008 helped build this well with Keswick Baptist Church and Faith Lutheran Church.

Donors who gave in August 2008, your well is moving into construction now!

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  • How exciting to see! Congratulations to the community surrounding the Eburenga School and those who contributed to changing these peoples lives forever!

  • This is great! I’m really glad to see that they are getting the water that they need.

  • Good! :-)

  • Laura

    Praise God! This is so exciting to see! I love the pictures of the children with expressions of joy on their face as the water comes from the well!