At Home in Western Kenya

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

We’ve all been spending more time at home these last few months, though what “home” looks like is as unique as the people inside it. Today we share images from life at home in Western Kenya, where our teams continue to train communities to help empower them to stay safe from the coronavirus.

The similarities – and differences – in pandemic-era life around the world are striking. From our own team members’ families to the communities they serve, these are images of daily life – kids playing outside while home from school, lunch cooking on the stove, parents navigating new norms in their everyday life, and more.

Team member Mercy with her family outside their home

Fetching water from a protected spring

Team member Wilson teaching his son how to air-dry his hands after washing

Team member Allan with his wife Mourine and their daughter

Braiding sisal rope

Team member Lillian working out at home

Lifting weights using locally made equipment

A grandmother watching her grandchildren

Team member Gladys balancing working from home with being a Mom

Weeding the farm

Team member Georgina creating content for her online makeup tutorials

Plaiting a friend’s hair

Team member Olivia supervising her daughter’s online classes

Weaving a basket

Team member Emmah spending time with her daughter

Sifting her maize before drying it

Drying maize in the sun

Inspecting every maize kernel

Team member Jonathan playing with his son

Sprucing up the house furniture with some fresh paint

Team member Mary enjoying breakfast at home with her children

Harvesting charcoal

Team member Ken washing his hands before going back into his home

Transporting bananas for planting

Team member Betty feeding her chickens

“How about a cheeky pose?” by team member Victor

Doing the laundry

Hanging the laundry to dry

Team member Sam playing guitar and singing with his wife Rachael

At work modeling mud into bricks

Oven for drying bricks

Making a brick delivery

Team member Elvine knitting

Planting the next season of maize

Team member Jemmimah taking a selfie

Cutting the grass

Team member Karen practicing piano while her son looks on

Chopping firewood for cooking

Team member Christine at home with her kids

Cooking lunch while watching the baby

Sukuma wiki, the traditional dish of cooked greens, simmering

Team member Protus cooking lunch for one in his apartment

Stirring the maize and beans on the stove

Preparing milk inside a dried gourd

Slicing plantains

Washing utensils in front of the dish rack while a puppy sleeps on the grass

Team member Erick playing with his daughter

Refinishing the house by smearing a thick mud mixture over the old interior walls

Boys showing their homemade mud cars

Girls playing jump-rope

Team member Christine with her husband Joel, awaiting their first child; their daughter was born two weeks after this photo

A boy shows the toy motorbike he made from plastic containers and sticks

Team member Jacky with her family, trying to get the baby to look at the camera

Taking care of the livestock

Team member Patience tending to her flowers

Celebrating a newly completed spring protection

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