Brand Partnership: Da Bomb Bath Fizzers’ “Sisterpreneurs” Sponsor 20 Water Projects!

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

Since 2018, Da Bomb Bath Fizzers have supported The Water Project (TWP) both through generous donations, matching fund gifts, and proceeds from the sales of their beautiful Earth Bomb. We are so thankful for them that we simply had to share our joint history with our loyal TWP following.

At the heart of this ambitious company are the dynamic “sisterpreneurs,” Isabel and Caroline Bercaw, whose commitment to making a positive impact on the world is as vibrant as their colorful bath fizzers. Da Bomb Bath Fizzers has not only revolutionized the bath bomb industry, but they take corporate responsibility and philanthropy seriously. 

Da Bomb has played a pivotal role in facilitating access to safe and reliable water sources. Together, we’ve built 20 new water projects, serving about 10,064 people with safe, reliable water. That’s a huge impact!

TWP: Tell us about Da Bomb Bath Fizzers. 

Isabel: Da Bomb® is a bath and body products company founded by my sister, Caroline, and me when we were in middle school! When we were 10 and 11 years old, we were competitive figure skaters, and we really enjoyed taking baths after practice. We loved using bath bombs, but we were left feeling disappointed when these products left our tub and our bodies covered in residue and pigment afterwards. We decided the best solution was to make our own bath bombs! 

Isabel and Caroline work on their bath bombs at home.

We read books, watched online tutorial videos, and experimented with different recipes until we finally had a product that wouldn’t stain you or your bathtub. To add in an extra fun element, we started putting small toys or pieces of jewelry in the middle of each fizzer! 

We were so excited about our innovation that we brought some of our products to our skating practices to share with our friends. Our coach suggested we sign up for a local art fair and sell our products there. We participated in the fair, where we were approached by a local salon owner who expressed interest in carrying our products in his salon. 

After a successful retail debut, we decided to make our own website, and we were even approached by a local news outlet who wanted to cover our story! 

Young Isabel and Caroline selling their bath bombs.

Over the next couple years, our company would organically grow thanks to the support of our community and our family. Both of our parents even began working full-time for the business in addition to a growing number of part-time employees and we became an official LLC in April of 2015. Flash forward to today: Our products can be found in retailers like Target, CVS, and Ulta Beauty!

TWP: How do Da Bomb’s values align with The Water Project’s? Why did you choose to donate and become a sponsor?

Isabel: When we started Da Bomb, we wanted to include a charitable component as part of our business model. After deciding that we wanted to put our donation dollars toward humanitarian efforts, we did some research and came across The Water Project! 

There are many reasons we decided to become sponsors of The Water Project. One of the biggest reasons, aside from the proactive and thorough work executed by their team, was that we felt there was a strong sense of community present within the organization — similar to the community that has supported Da Bomb throughout our business journey. 

TWP: What benefits do you feel The Water Project brings the people living in our target areas?

Isabel: Not only is The Water Project a community unto itself, they also create community by providing clean water to villages in need in Sub-Saharan Africa. Something as simple as clean water has proven itself to be the gift that keeps on giving, whether it keeps people healthy and safe, keeps young girls in school, or is the catalyst for transformative economic development. 

TWP: Do you have a favorite photo, video, or report quote from one of the project reports you’ve received? 

Isabel: One of my favorite stories is about a woman who started her own business thanks to one of The Water Project’s installations. Because of the time she saved from no longer having to walk for hours to collect water, she was able to start her own soap business. She now makes a living selling soap to her community!

Field officer Rose shows a community how to make soap in Western Kenya.

TWP: What advice would you give to another business considering sponsoring The Water Project?

Isabel: It was early in our partnership that we knew we’d made the right decision in working with The Water Project team. If you or someone you know is considering donating to The Water Project, I can tell you that seeing the impact our collaboration has created has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my career.

From all of us at The Water Project, we thank Da Bomb for their continuing support over the years, and we are so looking forward to the years to come!

If you’re in the bath bomb market, we recommend you check out this female-owned company full of vivid, eclectic, USA-made products. And if you buy their Earth Bomb, a portion of your purchase will help families in sub-Saharan Africa access safe, reliable water — a win for everyone!

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