A Year Later: Hope Rekindled!

April, 2024

A year ago, your generous donation helped the Matioli K Salvation Army Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Ruth. Thank you!

A Year Later: Hope Rekindled!

Ruth, 14, recalled what life was like in the Matioli K Salvation Army Primary School before her school's well was installed last year.

"It was very hard to pull water from [the] shallow well in school, especially on Fridays, where general cleanliness was to take place. Since the waterpoint could not provide sufficient water to run school chores, we had to go outside the compound to fetch water in a protected spring far from the school. The spring was seasonal, and during [the] dry season, it was so hard to get water. Long queues delayed achieving targets in school. The water itself was not safe for drinking, but since there was no other source, we used to drink [it] and could make some of the students miss schooling because of contracting waterborne diseases [by] consuming unsafe water," said Ruth.

Collecting water is now less strenuous for Ruth and the other Matioli K Salvation Army Primary School students.

"To get water now is very easy, because we have our waterpoint within the school. The waterpoint has helped us get enough time for learning and, more so, learning in a conducive environment as it has made it easy to clean classrooms and sanitation facilities regularly. Besides that, we [have] accessible clean, safe water which doesn't affect us as it used to be before," she shared.

Ruth cleaning the latrines.

Having ready access to water from the well has made a difference for Ruth, allowing her to learn in a productive, clean environment. Ruth no longer worries about getting sick from unsafe water but pursues her education and dreams.

"It has helped maintain cleanliness, and currently, [I] am not prone to waterborne diseases. Also, it has helped us get enough time to learn because water is within reach. This rekindles my hope of realizing my dream of becoming [a] high school teacher after my course," Ruth concluded.

Ruth and her teacher at the new well!

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