A Year Later: Student Grows Vegetables to Fund Studies!

January, 2022

A year ago, your generous donation helped Lukala C Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Tabitha C. Thank you!

A Year Later: Student Grows Vegetables to Fund Studies!

Tabitha C., a 17-year-old student in the community, shared her previous struggles before the protected water point. “We could struggle with elderly people at the water point because they would not allow us to draw water before them.”

Tabitha went on to share how life has been different for her and other community members over the past year. “There are no issues. Very little time is spent at the water point. Getting water nowadays is very easy and enjoyable. I have time to do my revision, and at the moment [I] am doing well at school because I no longer waste time at the spring.”

She also has enough water to help her run a small vegetable business. “[I] am able to plant vegetables throughout the year because water is always available. All our neighbors are sure to get vegetables at our home, no matter how dry it may be. By so doing, [I] am able to raise some money and buy myself a few items needed at school.”

Tabitha (on the right) at the spring with others.

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