A Year Later: Water brings hope for a brighter future!

March, 2023

A year ago, your generous donation helped Rwenkole Community in Uganda access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Gerald. Thank you!

A Year Later: Water brings hope for a brighter future!

Before we rehabilitated the well in the community of Rwenkole last year, community members had to walk long distances to collect contaminated water from a hand-dug well or the local swamp to meet their daily needs.

"We used to walk very long distances to access water from other water sources [during] the time our borehole broke down," said 15-year-old Gerald K.

Gerald continued, "This affected my studies, and I had to drop out of school for fear of being beaten by the teachers each time I went to school late."

But since the well was rehabilitated, water has been easier for community members to collect and safer to consume.

"The borehole is nearer to most households. [I] am always fully engaged to collect water for some people, especially those constructing houses within the village. [I] am paid for the services I render to them. The money I get is used to support my parents [and] buy food at home," said Gerald.

Thankfully, Gerald has been able to make good use of the water and earn an income through his labors.

"During this period, I have managed to save some money from the water-collecting service I provide to some people in the village. My parents are planning to support me since [I] am beginning a vocational training course next year as a result of the earnings from this water point," concluded Gerald.

What a relief to know that, thanks to this water point, Gerald's future is looking much more promising.


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