A Year Later: Water, whenever it is needed!

March, 2023

A year ago, your generous donation helped Esokone Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Volume. Thank you!

A Year Later: Water, whenever it is needed!

Before we installed a well at Esokone Primary School last year, the students had to rely on the neighboring school's well, but it was overcrowded, and fetching water here wasted lots of their learning time.

"It was so bad that some of my fellow pupils used to carry dirty water. This was a behavior practiced mostly by boys. Most of the time, we could come late to school because of carrying water which was heavy. At times, our books used to get wet," said 13-year-old Volume A.

Since the well was built, things have been different for the students. Now, they have easy, quick access to water whenever they need it.

"This water project came in when we had so much need. Currently, we do not struggle to get clean, safe water for drinking. There is no need of carrying a water bottle because we can easily drink water when a friend pumps for you," said Volume.

Not only do students have water to drink, they also have the time back that they used to waste waiting in long lines so they can improve academically.

"It has also saved us the headache of congestion at the spring with the community members who are our siblings and relatives," Volume continued. "With this water in school, I will use my time properly to ensure [I] am doing well in my academics for good results."

Volume washing his hands at the well.

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When you invest in The Water Project, you're investing in people like Volume. Your gifts help us reach more communities with the gift of clean, safe water. And every drop helps unlock potential.

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