Giving Update: Bumavi Community, Esther Spring

September, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Bumavi Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Eunice Shibale. Thank you!

Giving Update: Bumavi Community, Esther Spring

Since the protection of Esther Spring in Bumavi last year, the improved access to clean and safe water in this community has helped reduce incidences of waterborne diseases that were once a very big problem. The situation would get worse during the dry season when people would fight for water and young children would be left last in line at the spring since there was pushing and pulling at the water point. Algae in the water used to be a problem as well, hence making the water they used to get not safe for consumption.

Today, all that has changed.

Women now get water without struggle, and children have been enabled to go to school without fear of contracting diseases from their water at home. They now carry drinking water from the spring to school and can get enough water when they come back home (though we are working with their school to see if we can help provide a source of clean water right on school grounds!). Community members no longer have to work as hard or wait as long to fetch water, and the burden of treating diseases related to water and sanitation has also reduced.

The community has really shown that they love and appreciate their spring. They have kept sanitation standards high around the spring, and the drainage channels are cleared and well-directed. This is done by both the young and older users of the spring. In addition, they have a chlorine dispenser near the spring that is well taken care of and helps to ensure that their water is free from harmful bacteria.

“Cases of children struggling at the water point has been reduced since the spring was protected,” said Eunice Shibale, who serves as Treasurer of the water committee in Bumavi.

Eunice told us how there used to be pockets of deep water near the spring that would pool up, exposing children to the risk of drowning, but this is no longer the case.

“Cases of absenteeism in schools due to cases such as diarrhea from waterborne diseases have been minimized,” Eunice continued. “This has led to improved academic performance. [Due to the] clean water and knowledge of proper hygiene practices, parents are now helping their children to practice personal hygiene and sanitation. This has reduced the spread of disease in schools and among the villagers as well,” Eunice said.

6-year-old boy Justin Mbone, who along with his family depends on Esther Spring for their daily water needs, also shared how the project has impacted him.

“We are happy that we get clean water from the spring. My mother does not struggle unlike before [when] she could go to fetch water and take a lot of time since many people were [there] and [they] could struggle. Sometimes I would fear [going to] fetch water if sent by my mother since the water was too much for me and the drawing point was not well made. This meant that I could not go alone, yet the water point is just next to our house. Right now, I can easily run to the spring and get my mother water.”

From left to right: Eunice, Justin, Field Officer Laura Alulu, and another community member

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