Giving Update: Ematetie Community, Weku Spring

October, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Ematetie Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Doris Shitsuli. Thank you!

Giving Update: Ematetie Community, Weku Spring

Field Officer Rose Serete shared the following reflection after her most recent visit to Weku Spring in Ematetie, where she went to check up on the spring and interview community members about their thoughts on the project a year since its completion.

“Since the implementation of the project, cases of water-borne diseases have really reduced,” Rose said.

“The community members now spend less money on medication. The project has enabled them to have clean and safe water for drinking. Water access is also easy because the staircases provided makes it easy and convenient for both the young and old. The area around the spring is also clear and [there is] no fear of snakes since one can go to the spring even at night.”

Doris Shitsuli depends on Weku Spring for her daily water needs and shared her thoughts with Rose on the impact the spring protection has had on her life.

“We have safe and clean water for drinking, [and] the training has ensured that our compound stays tidy at all moments. The training has also helped us enhance our hygiene levels and practices. We are always free from diseases and hence [require] less expenditure on treatment. We can now save money and purchase other basic needs and do other activities,” Doris explained.

Melvin Achitsa smiles at Weku Spring

13-year-old MelvinĀ Achitsa was also with Field Officer Rose at the spring and reflected on how the WaSH projects in her village have changed her experience as a young person and student in her community.

“Life has improved since we can now access latrines compared to the time before when we could not afford them and cases of disease infection were prone,” she said.

“Time wastage on the spring has also been solved and we can now collect water in a short duration of time. I have enough time to do personal studies and also household chores.”

Doris and Melvin give thumbs up for clean water

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