Giving Update: Friends Kaimosi Demonstration Primary School

October, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Friends Kaimosi Demonstration Primary School in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Beatrice Akhule. Thank you!

Giving Update: Friends Kaimosi Demonstration Primary School

The members of Friends Kaimosi Demonstration are now enjoying fresh and clean water on a daily basis thanks to their rain tank that was installed last year. Today, the school environment is cleaner and the students look healthier and cleaner than in previous years. The classes are dustless, and the school continues to return their gratitude for the project which has brought such huge improvements to the school in terms of hygiene and sanitation.

“Water is no longer a major challenge in the school,” said teacher Mr. John Musalia.

“We have plenty of water, especially during this rainy season, to keep our classes and latrines clean every day.”

12-year-old Beatrice Akhule is a student atĀ Friends Kaimosi Demonstration Primary School and reflected on the changes she has experienced as a learner since the installation of the WaSH projects.

“We now enjoy cleaning our classes because water is easily available in the school, unlike before where we used to limit the amount of water we used in order to save it for another day.”

Mr. John Musalia (right) with Field Officer Georgina Kamau (left) and students at the rain tank

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