Giving Update: Kyetonye Community Well

October, 2019

A year ago, your generous donation helped Kyetonye Community in Kenya access clean water – creating a life-changing moment for Frida Mbithe. Thank you!

Giving Update: Kyetonye Community Well

Kaani community members have plenty of water after their sand dam harvested volumes of water since the previously experienced rains. There has been notable improved hygiene and sanitation as the members can access water easily. Washing clothes, cleaning the latrines, and frequent showers are among the adopted behaviors observed since their sanitation and hygiene training.

On the day of our visit, we found Fridah Mbithe washing clothes near the water source because her home is adjacent to the water source.

“We have daily showers because the water is readily available. I have also adopted to washing my latrine on a daily basis and installing a handwashing facility adjacent to the latrine to ensure everyone who visits the latrine washes their hands,” she said to us.

The water is very clean and fresh for drinking. Community members have now also adopted water treatment methods which are favorable to them because most households now have moringa trees planted in their farms. This community has experienced a reduction in cases of waterborne diseases because the water attained is from a protected water source and it is treated at home using the moringa.

“Agribusiness was reserved for only those who had water reservoirs at their homes, but now we can access water to farm easily,” explained Pius Kaala.

“We have managed to farm and sell our products in local markets.”

The environment here is now fresh and cool. The vegetation is greener and the water table has risen. Most members have utilized the harvested water for farming French beans, kale, spinach, and tomatoes.

“The rains have really [been] delayed this season but the sand dam and well water project has kept us going. We hardly feel the pain. A time like this in the previous years, we would be struggling up and down looking for water but now we can relax, perform our household chores with no pressure,” Ms. Mbithe said.

The shallow well provides clean and fresh drinking water which the community members are enjoying. Community members are very happy about this project. People here have improved their living standards and their hygiene and sanitation are impressive, reported our teams after their visit.

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