Giving Update: Lihanda Secondary School

July, 2019

A year ago, you funded a rainwater tank at Lihanda Secondary School in Kenya – creating a life-changing moment for Pauline Atieno. Thank you!

Giving Update: Lihanda Secondary School

A lot has changed at Lihanda Secondary School since we first started visiting them before the rainwater tank was installed over a year ago.

First, you notice the students. Or rather, you don’t notice them, at least not outside. That’s because students have learned to be more responsible with their time by ensuring that they don’t give a listening ear to anything that could distract them from their academics. It is not easy to meet students walking outside during the school lesson times because they are no longer sent to collect water from the spring.

Financially, there have also been notable changes at Lihanda Secondary. The rain tank has helped the administration to save much cash that was initially used to buy water that supplemented the water brought by students. The tank has since lifted the burden of buying water off the shoulders of parents, who can now use this money to support their families in other vital ways.

Deputy Principal, Principal, and student Pauline

Deputy Principal Peter Were is very happy about the way the rain tank has changed Lihanda Secondary School.

“Students are no longer sent out to collect water and therefore they now have adequate time to concentrate on academics. This explains why their academic performance in last year’s national examination improved,” he said.

“Concerning food preparation, kitchen staff now can work efficiently for they have water ready to use, [located] close to the kitchen. Thus many things are now done on time. Meals are now provided to both teachers and students in time and there is order and discipline among students. Teachers have also reported that they now monitor students with ease because no one can use going to fetch water as an excuse for not finishing any assignment given,” explained Mr. Were.

School staff now easily fetch water on school grounds

15-year-old student Pauline Atieno shared her perspective of these changes as well.

“Availability of adequate water in school has solved the problem of students leaving class to go and fetch water from the spring which used to be very dirty, and also had low yield where users could wait in long [lines] hence wasting study time,” said Pauline.

“Food is now prepared in school using clean water, therefore students no longer complain of diseases spread through dirty water. Agriculture students use water from the tank to irrigate crops for their practicals, which has increased the number of students taking that optional subject in school.”

The ripple of impact this rain tank makes continues to expand into the Lihanda community as well.

It is evident the school appreciates the project and maintains it very well. Because of this, among students, staff, and their families the levels of confidence have increased due to improved standards of sanitation and hygiene. They are now confident that many challenges in the community will be solved as a result of this project.

Pauline smiles

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